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The 8 best energy practices I use and recommend to elevate your energy levels

Are you under any physical, mental, or energetic ailment and in need of healing?

In this article, I will share with you the 8 best energy practices I use and recommend to start elevating your energy levels.

First of all, nowadays, in the modern world, we are all in need of MORE energy.

Not necessarily materially but rather spiritually, energetically most are lacking that inner flame that gives them Vitality and inner strength. This is the type of energy that comes from within…

We need more health, more love, more inner abundance, and prosperity. Through cultivating inner health – you create outer health and vitality as well.

If you are reading this you may be looking for relief, for a cure to your pain – or you are in seeking greater vitality and energy.

Whether it is manifested inwardly or outwardly, the energy practices shared here will surely bring you some level of solace. These energy practices are powerful on many levels – whether to increase inner joy or outer physical energy as well.

One quick disclaimer, I’m not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Please be sensible and responsible with the healing methods you seek/use.

Now that we’ve set the stage let’s talk about the possible NATURAL HOLISTIC paths and energy practices you can use to support your healing process.

Why use energy practices?

The premise of this post is that most diseases and lack of energy arise from mental states that manifest as different types of illnesses/energy blockages.

IE-> Overthinking manifests as stress and in its severe form over a long enough time frame -> creates a stress/anxiety disorder with potential panic attacks. This can eventually cause mental and even physical illness if the state is not shifted. We don’t want that – we need to build a routine to mitigate the harmful effects of “negative thinking”.

This can be outlined to any/most diseases of the body and mind.

With that being said – if the mind is regulated, the body can overcome the disease and even prevent any other serious illness from manifesting itself. Let’s go into the possible tools and energy practices I endorse and use every day.

1/ Meditation

This is one of the most powerful forms of mind regulation. With this tool, you can achieve a new baseline of activity within your mind to regulate stress, anxiety, and general well-being.

Through consistent meditation, you will unlock a new level of energy and vibrance while strengthening your natural connection with the spirit and source of infinite energy inside you. You will also learn how to control energy with your mind. A short practice of 10-20m a day should be the baseline for your mental and physical well-being.

Read here how to get started with basic meditation with this simple guide

2/ Yoga & Movement

Through yoga and movement practices you will unlock better blood flow and mind-body connection. Becoming more tuned in to your body will allow you to sense where there are any blockages or feelings needed to pacify in order for you to unclog and prevent illness/disease from manifesting in the first place.

It also moves the energy flow through your body more optimally. This is crucial for great health. Daily movement is non-negotiable, even if just walking or exercising – it is crucial for a healthy life.

3/ Hypnosis/trance-like states

This is an extremely powerful tool to bypass the conscious mind and dive into the s.mind to create strong change in obsessive/compulsive behavior such as Addictions and also from deep fears: of poverty, social situations, specific phobias, etc

4/ Subconscious Programming work

Similar to the last but a more manual tool and more precise, like a surgical blade to remove behaviors and beliefs that are not efficient in your life. Through this tool, you can get rid of a lot of negative limitations, stress, doubt fear, anxiety, and anything holding you back from the next level.

You can use journaling, writing, affirmations, and sub. tracks and so forth to induce a strong effect and impress the subconscious mind with the message you wish to cultivate in your life.

Check out my article: The Subconscious Detox Protocol to start the process

5/ Breathwork

A powerful modality to “clean your body “ from the inside out. Release and unleash any unresolved trauma that holds you back from your full potential. By tapping into the power of your breath, you’re able to regulate your nervous system and emotions.

You are able to hack into the subconscious mind and release any message/idea that should come forth. Breathwork is like resetting the system and allowing yourself to become intoxicated by the essence of LIFE itself.

6/ Chakra Healing

The Chakras are the energetical centers in your body. There are 7 main ones along your body – and every center represents different qualities and traits you can heal through focus and meditation on them.

When you open up the energetic flow of the chakras you will experience a more clear and abundant existence in your reality.

Dive into the Dating the Chakras Series to thoroughly understand the Chakra system and how to align your chakras with your True Self.

7/ Energy Healing

By utilizing the Infinite Light and energy presented all around us, you are able to use this powerful energy to cleanse and clear your body from any blockages, illnesses, and inner turmoil.

Whether you are in need of physical relief or a mental energy boost – by bringing this powerful white light into your body, you are activating strong healing modalities and bringing healing to your life.

8/ Kabbalist Healing

This is a form of energy healing that not many are aware of or know how to precisely conduct. It is a form of healing similar to reiki/theta healing where one places his hands above the patient’s body and energetic field.

Through chanting sacred prayers in Hebrew from the Torah, and using the powerful Hebrew Alphabet alongside the Sephirot (similar to the Chakras energy centers) one can induce a very powerful and strong healing effect on the patient.

Kabbalist Healing is the most powerful, and best healing method I know of. It is also the most advanced and should only be done by an expert in it Overall the above tools and practices of healing are abundant with nuances, methods, and exercises.


Whatever you choose to focus on, wherever you are intuitively guided to proceed with your healing journey, please don’t get lost in the forest. Experiment with these tools and energy practices – then choose one tool you feel comfortable with and commit to mastering it.

If you have never tried any of the above, I highly recommend starting with Meditation. This will be the foundation of your existence and bring you the highest level of comfort and inner strength until you are ready to explore more.

If you have found this article helpful, You can also join my The Limitless Letter to unlock greater healing and prosperity here. If you seek more guidance or need more personal 1:1 help with one of these practices –  feel free to schedule a call here. 

You can also start this journey at your own pace by getting  The Subconscious Architect course that will help you embark on the path to greater abundance, prosperity, and health.

By releasing all negative mental programs and installing powerful commands into your subconscious mind you will be able to create immediate and lasting change to your well-being, sense of achievement, and fulfillment.

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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