The art of giving and taking

The art of giving and taking

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From the moment you are born to the moment of your death, everything you interact with or participate in falls into two categories within The art of giving and taking.

Everything in life is part of this equation. At every given moment you are either giving or receiving something – love, energy, money, food, attention, focus, power, or status. There is always an exchange going on.

The problem is that no one teaches you how to give and receive in the right way. No one teaches you how to find this balance in life. This is expected to be learned alone or through the role models who bring you up. In truth, most people have no idea how to create this fine balance and often fall into one side of the spectrum.

Givers vs takers

A pure one-sided giver is someone who has no boundaries to his giving. The giver is someone who is completely selfless and puts others before himself, and through that, he loses his ability to differentiate between when to give and when not to give.

This behavior may lead the giver to great satisfaction on one hand, yet it may also create a lot of suffering and taking advantage of the giver. In this case, the giver has no boundaries and he does not know how to take. This eventually becomes an unhealthy pattern and causes the giver to feel bad again. The reason the giver acts in this pattern is related to not being confident in his self-worth and his ability to be loved by people regardless of what he gives them or not.

On the other side, a pure taker is someone who is always taking. There is no desire in him to give, share, or collaborate – but just to receive and take advantage of those who are willing to share. This way of being is also unhealthy and comes from a lack of mindset, a mindset that soon everything will be gone. The Taker lives in a “carpe diem” mindset, never interested to look into the future of what he leaves after him.

The taker may find himself lonely, isolated, and in a lack of abundance due to not being able to balance this trait. It is a trait that leads to stinginess and fear of losing possession, goods, and people – which creates this energy imprint that self-fulfills itself.

The perfect synergy in the art of giving and taking

As a baby, you grow up in the arms of your mother and father. You are purely taking and receiving their love, attention, resources, and care. You are not concerned with giving at the moment. You are a pure being of love that has emerged into the world, ready to learn how to take and receive the love and energy you need to grow.

Your mother and father, who accepted the role of being your caretakers are ready to purely give, unconditionally and faithfully.

This is the one relationship in life where giving and taking is purely represented by two opposite poles in a perfect synergy.

Yet even in this beautiful and most sacred relationship, there is a hidden and intricate giving from the taker and a receiving from the giver. A yin and yang, a dance in motion.

The baby gives the parent a sense of joy, love, and satisfaction that the parent could never receive elsewhere. The parent receives that love and energy from the baby.

Isn’t this beautiful? There is always a synergy between giving and taking when it is under balanced and mutual order.

The giving is always counteracted by taking. No matter how much you take you also give something in return. It may not be a pleasant thing but it exists.

This corresponds to the 3rd law of Newton which states that for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. If we can parallel the feeling of the love the baby gives back to his parents we understand that it is only through the parents giving that the taking of the love and joy from the baby could be initiated.

The Natural Flow of energy and money

I often remind my friends, clients, and people I meet about the importance of creating a continuous flow and stream of energy and money in their lives.

When the flow of money is open and natural in your life, the streams of abundance naturally widen and start increasing in their richness and prosperity.

The reason for this is that money is also an energy that is constantly circulated and being given and taken. When you are paid with money for your effort, you have transformed your energy into a crystalized energy in the form of money.

Your money is a representation of the energy you expended into your work – and you can then go and exchange that energy for someone else’s work – whether it is food, goods, services, or the latest gadgets.

When the stream is only one-sided, the energy will begin to stagnate and its tenacity will slow down. This works like a magnetic current, when the magnet is in motion a magnetical field starts to flow, but when it stops moving the energy stagnates.

So when we equate your energy to that of a magnet you begin to understand that when you stop moving that energy you are canceling the effects of the magnet.

Therefore you want to keep the stream of abundance coming in and out of your life.

No matter what your situation is right now, even if you’re really short on cash, try keeping the stream of money open. This could even mean buying a small coffee for a few bucks or giving a few dollars to a homeless.

Charity is one of the highest energy exchanges you can participate in but that’s another topic to discuss.

Finding balance between giving and taking

The key I want to emphasize here is that you need to find the optimal balance between giving and taking for yourself.

Everyone will have different points of balance. For some, it would be 70% taking and only 30% giving. For others, the balance will be exactly in the middle.

There’s no one set formula to work with this, yet you will feel when you have reached inner balance through working with the different modalities of giving and taking.

Challenge yourself to start examining your relationships with family, friends, money, work, love, attention, and interests and see where you are lacking balance. Through this lens, you will be able to understand where you are giving too much and where you are taking more than you should.

The ideas of giving and taking go much deeper and are part of the wisdom instilled in the Kabbalah wisdom which I am working on providing and making knowledge accessible in the coming months.

For now, I hope you enjoyed this letter on the balance between giving and taking.

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The art of giving and taking

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Aaron | Limitless Master

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