The Path of Least Resistance

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Hello Conscious Creator,

It’s Aaron here and welcome to another Sunday Edition of Limitless Master Letter, High energy, High vibe, High frequency.

Today we will discuss The Path of Least Resistance – let’s dive right in.

There is a common misconception in life that in order to get where you wish to go it has to always be the hardest path possible.

Let’s say you want to become a firefighter, your mind immediately puts this goal on a pedestal.

So if I’ll give you a list with other titles such as:

  1. Firefighter
  2. Cop
  3. Military soldier
  4. Ambulance driver

You’re going to think that becoming a firefighter is the hardest and most challenging path on this list.

This happens because your mind colors the title, status, or job you wish to obtain as harder to get.

It is a natural phenomenon of the mind because if it’s easy to get, you may think it isn’t valuable.

This is once again scarcity thinking demonstrated. The mind that is abundant sees all options as similar if not equal, because anyone can get anywhere, at any time.

Non-Linear thinking

The Path of Least Resistance

The last point has presented to us once again how linear most minds are.

If you think about your day-to-day, you will notice that you move in a linear fashion.

Maybe you never do something different or exciting to break the mold – so then you get to live the exact same day every single day.

This is not a surprise, this is just a law of nature.

If you constantly stay in the same rhythm, in the same pattern, you have created an energetic stamp on yourself and your environment and nothing will ever change or improve for you in the direction you wish.

This has become your path of least resistance.

In this specific case, you have stamped your personal path of least resistance as a non-exciting one. Following the path of least resistance becomes a resistance in this case.

but what if it was different?

The path of least resistance explained

Imagine a stream in the river.

You are floating in the stream with your boat, and the stream naturally takes you on your path forward.

The stream diverges to many different paths, and at any point in time, you can set where you wish to sail towards.

Here comes the interesting part. When you put your goal on a pedestal, you are creating resistance.

You have told your mind that essentially your goal is “upstream” – and that you can’t go with the stream, with “the flow”, towards your goal.

It is too hard and impossible to achieve. It is too taxing and you have to paddle hard upstream if you ever want to get there.

In my experience, this is false.

The idea that the path of least resistance is always the ones you don’t want, is boring or unchallenging is false.

If the path of least resistance is stamped energetically with a positive outlook towards the goal you wish to desire, then by design you have created a “stream” that easily takes you to your goals with energy and flow.

This demands discipline and willingness to rewire the way your mind views its goals and deepest desires.

Why do you place your goal on a pedestal?

Most people view their goals and dreams as “unattainable”, yet a goal that they don’t want (that is equally hard) as more attainable and possible to get…

You place your goals and dreams on a pedestal because it brings you comfort and hope. You believe that once you get there it will solve all of your problems, insecurities, doubts, fears, and lack of success in life.

You believe that achieving a certain status or level of success will make you feel whole within you.

Maybe you’re reading this and you have already achieved big things in your life – and you know it’s true.

Maybe you’re reading this and still don’t quite believe me. I understand.

The key to realize here is that even when you reach your goal, then what? What will be so different and wonderful that you cannot have and feel right now?

“But it will change everything!”

Do you really believe that achieving one goal or accomplishment will change everything for you?

It may be the case. It may be the case that it will open up a plethora of opportunities and options – but it is not the goal itself that changes you…

It is the journey towards it, the work you do in the process, the fruits of labor you share with the world. THE PERSON YOU BECOME. The art, the emotions, the experiences, the struggles, the little joys – they are what you are seeking and wishing to have.

The goal is just an instrument to EXPERIENCE.

Once you reach the goal, you will desire another one.

It may be a different goal – to travel, to build a company, to help people on their path, to teach, to create art, to make organic products, to chill, and so forth – but there will always be something more to do, and something more to achieve.

The goal and dream are not what you are really after…

So what are you really after?

You are looking for the feeling a well-adjusted goal and dream brings you. You are looking for inner balance, harmony within you and a sense of personal power and security. You are seeking the FEELING that success and happiness gives you.

This is what everyone is after. It is the true goal of humans and every action is geared towards feeling good, happy, and blissful.

Even when people do things that are bad for them, they experience some form of pleasure or happiness from it, even if just for a few fleeting moments.

Some resort to spirituality, others to building start-ups, others to work in a job they hate – all so they can eventually feel good – as twisted as this sounds. This is how most of the world operates – but you are not the whole world my dear reader. You can act differently because you are different – let’s explore…

Rewiring your goal as the path of least resistance

Now comes the interesting part – how exactly can you make your goal the path of least resistance in your life? How can you create a new stream that allows you to be content in the present moment and steadily move towards your goals while being happy NOW?

The key is to first identify if your goal is what you really desire or a false goal you are clinging to – for status, fame, money, or success.

With a false goal, even if you achieve these, you will not be happy.

This is an iterative process. You may not get this right at the first time or even the second.

I personally have gone through many different goals to get to a point where I am happy and content with the journey itself, and even then I still take time to re-evaluate, adjust, fine-tune, and make sure the ship is navigating in the right direction.

This is a continuous process of steering the ship in the right direction and releasing any negativity, blockages, and doubts/fears you have along your path.

The work is to identify the roadblocks stopping you from experiencing happiness right here and right now.

The feeling of success is immediate once you already KNOW that you are on the right track – doesn’t matter the outcome at the moment (and it will come because you are on the right path for you)

This is where coaches and mentors become extremely helpful – they can see your journey from a higher vantage point and share gems of insights to align you further on your path.

How will you know if you found the right path?

Asking this question is like asking how you know that a song sounds well, or food tastes good – you will know…

You have an inner sense for it. You have a powerful magnetic attraction to your personal special path of least resistance and success. It is constantly pulsating and moving you towards it, even when you ignore its hunches.

Some people live in such denial for years that it literally eats them up.

It literally makes them lose years of their life towards paths they hate or are miserable in. But why? Why suffer this way?

I completely understand that there are elements one has to take care of such as family, housing, food, etc. – basic elements of survival, yet in today’s relatively abundant society, one can always work towards that goal in their free time as well if that’s the case.

When the clear path is there, you will not be able to NOT move towards that path.

What stops you from taking this path?

What stops most people are their own mind, their own fears, doubts, and uncertainties on their own path, and their own lack of confidence.

A big reason you may delay finding or executing the goal or dream that you know is yours is if you are experiencing deep subconscious blockages that come up in the form of low energy, negativity, doubt, fear, memories, crippling trauma, and so forth.

Once these blockages move out of the way you will find you have immense time and energy to pursue the goals and dreams you have within you and to create energetic structures and systems that keep you rooted towards your personal path.

Again these are steps that taking alone may seem daunting, but that is what mentors are there for – to help, guide, and show where you are resisting “for nothing”.

You will increase the magnet that lies within you and take you faster to the right places, people, experiences, and situations to accelerate the special path you are on.

So how can you remove these blockages?

The path to release your mental blockages

One way to begin removing your blockages is to dive deep into subconscious mind work – you can do so alone with your journal, meditations, self-hypnosis, and affirmations. My site has a plethora of information and guidance on many of the subjects mentioned here and more.

If you feel ready, you can take a step further and go through my course – The Subconscious Architect which is guaranteed to dissolve any blockages and limitations that are still blocking you from your true path, goals, and dreams – and to increase your natural energy levels and manifestation abilities in the process.

You can go through the fastest route to do so by working with me 1:1 in personalized coaching and mentoring to find or fine-tune your personal path, release energetic and subconscious blockages that manifest as fears, doubt, aand lack of focus, and eventually raise your energy levels tenfold to align magnetically with your goals and rapid achievement. Apply to work with me here

Helping my coaching clients and students achieve deep clarity, confidence, awareness, increased energy levels, and success is my gift and I am blessed to be able to share it with you as well.

Your success is my success, and I am committed to helping you go through a life-changing transformation into your true limitless self that effortlessly achieves your goals without any mindset blockages or negative sabotaging patterns. Apply to work with me here

Hope you enjoyed this email, and thank you for reading!


Aaron | Limitless Master

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