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The Pitfall of Conspiracy Theories

The greatest pitfall of conspiracy theories is not providing an alternative

“The world sucks and is a dark place to live in!”

“The Elites are evil!”

“It’s all lies”

Okay. now what? What do you propose to the people?

There’s never a practical roadmap or suggestion for how to behave in the face of this new information

It’s always thrown out and leaves you hanging – I’ve never seen a conspiracy theorist propose a solution.

This is because most conspiracy theorists and their authors are benefiting from your confusion

On top of that, most of this information only further strengthens the “DARK EVIL AND STRONG” forces

It glorifies them as some incredible beings who are all capable, and now you fear them

When in reality they feed off your energy and fear.

I’m not saying that you should be blind to the world and its happenings. It’s important to be aware – but don’t be in fear

You have to lean into God and a higher power

Since these conspiracies don’t give you any practical solution, let me give it to you now:

The only thing you can do is continue living your life happily ever after, striving for high ideals, connecting to God, a higher source of wisdom, and building your own community

While becoming as self-sufficient and sovereign as you possibly can.

There’s truly no need to constantly obsess over the darkness in the world because it’s part of it

It’s part of the world.

Darkness is part of the whole point of and nature of a dualistic earth.

The only way to fight darkness is to increase your light.

If everyone lived in this Higher consciousness where you decide to see yourself as RESPONSIBLE for your reality –

The world would immediately shift into a higher state of vibration and energy.

The more people who stop obsessing about things totally beyond their control, and more about how they can change in their small little reality – the better our world would look like.

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