The Power Of Your Spoken Word

The power of the spoken word is unimaginable

It’s been said that whatever words you release into the universe

it is creating your world and environment in many different ways through its unique vibration.

One of the most interesting etymologies is how God created our world.

It’s been said in Genesis that God created the world by speaking.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

God, later on, said: “Let there be light.”

Such is the power of the spoken word

To expand on that,

every word holds a certain syllable,

a certain frequency that when used is emitted into the universe and affects reality in a way.

Each sound has a unique vibration and different sounds create different effects,

and that is why every word vibrates in a different vibration and frequency.

The term – Abracadabra is “I create as I speak” – אברא קדברא – it’s originated in old Hebrew and is considered a powerful spell.

Every word is a spell in a way and is manifesting the reality in which you live.

It corresponds with the frequency of other material things

that are of the same nature and attracts\repel those things.

One of the amazing things that happen is that

people are cursing themselves continuously by saying things like:

” I am not good enough” or “I am ugly” etc.

This is disastrous for your life as your subconscious mind registers this saying as truth

and it becomes a deep-seated belief in turn.

Your negative self-talk and speech are ruining your success.

Instead of that, use positive ideas and words to create the world you rather live in,

and make your vocabulary serve you instead of bringing you more of what you don’t want.

PAY ATTENTION to your self-talk. It is extremely important to keep it positive.

Speak into existence whatever is right for you,

and you will find that it starts showing more and more in your life.

Make your affirmations come to life – and spell them out loud.

You’ll experience a shift in the trajectory of your life towards brighter realities.

There are many more powerful tools that allow you

to work with your subconscious mind and reshape your belief system and worldview.

The filter through which you allow information and ideas to enter your mind

is incredibly potent in shaping your reality and day-to-day life.

Speak soon – and remember to guard your speech at all times!

Aaron | Limitless Master

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