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The Realms Beyond Limits

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Most people spend their lives studying only physical reality

when you look at it from a logical perspective it’s only a 0.0001% of your existence

Reality is far more layered than your physical existence alone.

There are many more dimensions of the soul and of the spirit

When you live your life only chasing a physical pursuit you can only find temporary satisfaction or peace

You’re constantly wanting more and more.

Even if you have the entire world you’ll feel empty, because the inner palace of your life is neglected

When you are fulfilled spiritually you can finally be fulfilled physically

Because you realize every physical element also has a spiritual basis

You work for God and not for the sake of labor

You have a purpose that is grand and high.

It’s not about finding physical success first and only then when you’re comfortable- seek spiritual wisdom.

The opposite.

First find spiritual wisdom and understanding, from there your true physical success, materiality, and all else will be fulfilled

You can trust people or you can trust God

Don’t let society and people confuse you.

Deep in your heart you know this is the truth and the one and only truth of this world.

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