The Secret Nature of Reality

All of reality is 1’s and 0’s

This is represented by man and woman

A man (1) and a woman (0) are two different beings that work in beautiful harmony

The man is the seed of reality, he brings the light into the reality of a woman

The woman is the womb that receives the man’s seed, the light of the man, and creates reality

Through the woman everything is multiplied, whatever a woman receives becomes double and triple

A man is higher and closer to spiritual light, higher consciousness, father in the heavens, and the woman is more connected to the physical life and nature of the earth

The man is signified in the color of White, just like the color of Grace, the seed, the higher chakras of the crown

The woman is in the Red, the color of Justice, period, and the lower chakras, which are dark red/brown

This is the essence of the man and woman.

When a man is blessed with a loving woman and he is keeping and bringing his seed for the woman she multiplies his reality and he is able to do more for the light and beauty of creation

The woman is the reality itself, the man is the light/seed which she multiplies

This is the secret of the man and the woman, when both men and women are balanced in this understanding there are no more gender conflicts or inversions.

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