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The Secret Truth about Meditation and your body


Your body is the instrument, the vehicle of your soul.

Your soul, Self, your inner BEING is the player.

When you care to look at it you’ll discover that your body is built exactly like an instrument.

Your belly and chest are the resonance box, your throat is your strings and your mouth is the projector of sound.

When your body is in tune, you also talk more vibrantly, and you also feel as though your body is “aligned”.

What does it mean to be aligned?

It means that your body is in harmony, that it is tuned to the natural frequencies of it’s nature and nature itself.

You are part of the complete eco-system of life, and you have a unique and special role to PLAY in it – just as in a musical symphony.

When you are tuned to your natural frequency and vibration you’re able to play that role correctly.

Most people have their “true-self” buried under YEARS of neglect, of negative programming, and just un-awareness to their powerful true nature.

Their “sound” and the way they play is Dissonant and unpleasant.

To Heal yourself, to ascend to your true nature, you have to let loose of all programming and layers that are holding you back.

You need to untangle the deep subconscious blockages and limitations that are holding you back.

Only then you can play in harmony.

One of the most powerful tools to begin this journey is meditation.

With meditation you are one again with your True Self and your instrument is tuned once again.

But just like any delicate instrument, it takes time to settle into this new vibration and frequency.

If you go to re-tune an old piano, depending on its condition, it can take you a few weeks to months to repair and maintain it back to order.

The same goes with your body.

The most important thing is that you start, and allow the natural healing power of your higher self to envelope you and tune you into your natural frequency.

Meditate every day and ascend.

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