The Secrets of Energy Manipulation

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As you get to understand how your mind works on a deeper level, how to reprogram your subconscious mind, and how to efficiently live in a perpetual state of Flow, you’ll realize there is more that you haven’t tapped into.

Perhaps you’ve been feeling a certain force in the background through your meditations, through the things you’ve done to help you get deeper into FLOW or to understand the complex network of your subconscious wiring

This inevitable force you have felt is your Life Force – your energy.

If you’re new to my newsletter and all these topics sound unfamiliar, I welcome you to go binge-read all the previous articles and letters on my site after reading this letter.

What is energy in relation to you?

Nowadays it’s known that everything is made of energy. Even the most rigid objects that look solid are composed of energy – they are made of particles called atoms that are always moving and always vibrating.

Your body is also made of atoms. Atoms are always moving, vibrating, and spinning, they never rest.

Additionally to that, there is your energetic body.

The energetic body, also known as the subtle body or the aura, is a concept found in many spiritual and holistic traditions. It refers to the idea that there is a field of energy that surrounds the physical body, and that this energy field is connected with a person’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

In traditional Chinese medicine, this energy is called Qi, while in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, it is called Prana. In the Western tradition, it is often referred to as the biofield.

While the concept of the energetic body is not widely accepted by Western science, there is some evidence to suggest that there may be measurable electrical and magnetic fields associated with the human body and that these fields may play a role in health and well-being.

As we’ve talked about in the last letter, there is a connection between your heart and mind. Together they create an energetic field around you and that is the energetic body mentioned.

What working with these energies can help you do better?

As you learn how to work with more subtle energies, you’re able to tap into the finer details of life, to reach the information that may not be common to people in day-to-day life.

You may be able to heal yourself faster, do more in less time, and manage your life more easily and fluently. You’ll be able to attract greater opportunities, relationships, and wealth and move more effortlessly through life.

Through identifying and learning how to work with energy, you’ll learn how to play on a completely different level. Once you realize that it is a tangible force that can be picked up and deciphered, it becomes an enjoyable game you can learn to master.

Even if you just master the Flow state with my unique methods and techniques, some of which I’ve revealed in this newsletter, some inside  The Subconscious Architect course , and some are reserved for my closest students – you’ll already experience the powerful states and effects of riding and manipulating energy.

It’s 100% real. Everyone who goes through these processes notices and feels it.

Modern science will tell you it’s not real, that there’s nothing more than the physical plane, and so forth. Not gonna get into that argument, you’re free to choose and decide what’s right for you.

But just ask yourself, is there any benefit for me NOT to try? To not actively take control over the natural forces that govern you in your life?

Something to think about.

Time Dilation

The Secrets of Energy Manipulation

Even time dilation is possible. When you get into the deepest flow state sessions and really kick it with your practice, you’ll notice what I’m referring to. There are ways to enhance these sessions that I’m not going to reveal here – yet you can experiment on your own. Hint for those really curious – enter your personal sphere.

Either way, time dilation is real because there’s no way one person can do what another person does in 10 hours, consistently, without a form of energy manipulation. Understand that everything you do has an energetic impact. That’s what I’m trying to convey in this letter if it wasn’t clear yet.

Even when you laugh, you’re sending very uplifting and positive vibrations and frequencies that cleanse your entire area. This is why laughter is so healthy and powerful in healing. Again – there’s an energetic reason for everything.

Now, using this framework, which states that every effect in the physical form also has an energetic effect – Why do people use garlic to guard against “negative energies”? Think. Let me know in a reply and I’ll tell you if you’re right.

If you guess this right I’ll give you a special discount for an upcoming course I’m creating on understanding energy. Still pretty fresh and has no name to it, so if you have a good name suggestion and I’ll use it or a part of it – I’ll also reward you with a nice discount when it comes out. Shoot your shot!

Your wave frequency

According to Quantum Physics, everything in this world is a wave and a particle. 

Side note – Wow. Imagine how hard it was for ancient teachers to explain these theories in the past. Even now as I’m writing these things I am working extremely hard to base everything in a step-by-step laid out, logical way for everyone to accept these ideas, even if they’re not “believers” in these concepts.

In fact, there’s nothing to believe here. I encourage you to experiment on your own and test everything I share with you. Yet still, these concepts are hard to grasp because they go against everything you’ve been taught your whole life. So if you’re struggling with this letter – take it in slowly. Take some time to explore and experiment with the ideas I present to you and come up with the conclusions that work for you.

Now, back to Quantum Physics. I believe this to be true:

There’s no other explanation for these unnatural phenomena we are experiencing. Thoughts affect reality in a two-fold way.

The first is that your thoughts move you to action – you have a thought, and then you take action upon it. Straightforward.

The second is that your thoughts have an actual interface with reality. When your thoughts are broadcasted out from your mind, they are in fact interacting with objects and elements in reality itself. Perhaps they interact with the transmitters\receivers of other people as well.

Now again, you might say to yourself “It hasn’t been proven that we have a transmitter and receiver for thoughts!!” – then think about it this way:

When you look at something in the world, there are photons that hit your eyes and are processed in your brain to produce an image… So, perhaps, we have an organ in the brain that processes these “Supernatural” more sensitive elements such as picking up on thoughts, energies, and vibrations other people emit…

After all, just a few hundred years ago, sight and hearing also seemed miraculous.

Another point to think about.

Sensitivity to life

Now if by now you’re sold on the idea that you CAN tap into subtler forms of energy (as we’ve established – everything is energy so you’re still picking up on some of it in its physical form) then you truly have to raise your sensitivity.

If you’re still not meditating, then you really need to get that in order. There’s no other way than to start meditating and becoming an observer of the subtler phenomenon of life.

Start meditating. Start raising your awareness levels. Become a deeper observer, oh, and of course, you have to remove your negative programs first and foremost.

I’d say it might as well be the most important part if you’re going to create real impactful change and growth in your life in any aspect. If you want to gain the benefits of manipulating and moving energy in the direction you want – to enhance your health, wealth, relationships, and communication – and to unlock higher states of abundance, you have to start with a clear mind.

A mind that is devoid of programs and harmful ideas that hold you back. You have to cultivate a mind that is Limitless, that lives Beyond Limits – and allows you to experience a life of bliss and personal power.

My upcoming book, Beyond Limits, will discuss these elements and show you the way to go Beyond the Limits you have been led to believe in, or have imposed upon yourself. It is a book of breaking through ceilings and reaching new heights, removing any limitation or disempowering force from your life, and unlocking a new strength and fire from within.

I have decided that  The Subconscious Architect students will get this book as a gift. Everyone who buys  The Subconscious Architect course before the book comes out will get the book for free as a token of appreciation for your love and support.

Energy – is it ethical?

It’s not just about gaining more money or status, or putting others down – far from that. Remember – what goes around comes around is exceptionally true in the realm of energy. In fact, if these are your priorities, they may change very quickly. Firstly because you’ll experience the blows coming back to hit you in your life.

Secondly, when you’ll gain the wealth, the status if that interests you, and you’ll experience growth in those areas in your life through the work we’ve outlined and further principles I won’t touch upon in the public newsletter – you’ll see they are not satisfying you to the fullest.

You’ll realize there’s a mission larger in store for you – or maybe there’s not – but you’ll at least acknowledge these things for what they are at face value – an exchange of energy for your efforts and value. And you will realize the powerful effects your actions have both on others and yourself. You’ll realize how real karma is in that regard. Measure for measure is instantaneous in the world I’m referring to here.

Your choices alone are what determine if energy manipulation is a valid practice or not. That’s why I won’t share the most potent methods with anyone in public, as I don’t have any filter or barrier to who gets to use these ideas – they will only be accessed through paid content\communities or so forth.

Where to go next?

Now, if you’re a smart guy or gal, you realize that what I’ve said here is 100% true. I take my time to research and experiment with these ideas to an extent that is rather above what most people go through. With all due respect ofc. I know many of you reading my letters are highly intelligent and inquisitive people yourselves. I am saying this to emphasize my seriousness of research, and not to boast in any way. I also receive important information from other sources which most people are not necessarily tapped into (again, you all are – yet you may not be aware of this)

So, if you’re an intelligent person – you know that the next frontier is mastering energy and consciousness – and these are the most powerful levers known to mankind in the near future. This may be the most powerful and effective weapon you possess against AI, machines, all this propaganda, etc, for now.

Listen, if your subconscious mind isn’t cleared up yet and ready to receive,  go here to reprogram it asap  – become a master of your mind and its powers first. Remove all the negativity, doubt, stress, and anxiety that hold you back. It’s the first step – and you’ll immediately experience growth in your health, abundance, prosperity, and communication skills.  The Subconscious Architect  is a fundamental piece on your way to mastery – of energy and in general.

After doing so, keep an eye out for Beyond Limits which will be dropping soon  (TSA students who buy before the launch get the book FREE when it comes out) . Keep an eye out for  The community  coming in the next few months – you can join in this link

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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