The Subconscious Detox Protocol

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Our Subconscious Mind Shapes our minds. If you’ve come here you are ready for the deep realizations I am about to share with you in this article.

So without further ado – let’s Dive into The Subconscious Detox Protocol to detox your mind from negativity and create a new reality.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”– C. G. Jung

Think about the subconscious mind as a supercomputer running in the background with all of your cognitive functions that you are “unconscious” of such as breathing, sight, hearing, and inner functions such as digestion, cellular activity, memory, processing information, and so forth.

Around 95% of your “computing power” is managed in the subconscious mind. This number means that there’s a whole lot we are completely unaware of, for good or bad.

One of the most shocking ideas about this is that until the age of 7, we are living in a semi-conscious state, we may call it the Programming state, where most of our inner beliefs, our ideas about the world and people are INSTALLED, and HARDWIRED into our brain’s operating system.

Take a moment to digest this… Some of you learning this for the first time may get a sense of anxiety, or maybe even a sense of relief, and I’m happy if that is the case… because whatever your situation is now, whatever your circumstance in life – a lot of it is not entirely due to your own control or will.

A lot of your current situation is a result of a chain effect from birth until adulthood.

This is a key point that will allow you to LET GO and bring in deep change into your life:

You may have grown up in a prosperous and empowering environment, yet with demeaning parents, you may have grown up in a harsh environment yet with encouraging and supportive parents…

Then as you matured into adolescence you may have experienced something different that shifted the trajectory of your life and either improved\took away from your experience and the examples can keep going forever, we are in fact a motion picture of our past, present, and perhaps future – if we consider that our thoughts and beliefs about it may affect us in the here and now.

But today I want to suggest that nothing is engraved in stone forever. Everything is changeable and open to deep transformation when we develop one of the strongest, key tools we have as humans…


Through awareness, we are able to understand the meaning of things, the symbols behind them, and complex, abstract concepts that require sophistication and connection to an invisible grid of information.

Take language for example, it is one of the most complex mechanisms we’ve invented as humans that allows us to effectively communicate and build society as we know it.

To relate back to our own story, awareness allows you to look into the relative meanings through which you hold importance in your life – and transmute them to a belief system or ideas that benefit you.

Awareness allows you to relate differently to certain ideas and beliefs in your life and move you from a state of helplessness to empowerment, and in the process of changing your inner world you in fact begin to affect your outer world.

This is a known fact that people who go to successful therapy or consulting and manage to remove deep trauma, or painful experiences\behaviors suddenly feel the urge to change things in their physical lives as well – in their appearance, homes, and at times even friends, people, jobs, and countries. This happens because everything is interconnected.

The way you live today is tightly correlated to the inner beliefs and programs you hold in mind. Your environment affects your perception just as much as your perception affects your environment – because it is in a state of a constant feedback loop.

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Think about it like this – you go about your day at work and then you get the feeling that “Jane” throws a mean look your way. Your mind now receives information about “Jane” that she is a REALLY MEAN PERSON! lol. Now your mind associates Jane with being mean, every time you see Jane, you get a bad feeling, that strengthens your belief about Jane. As a result, you may start behaving differently to her, and talk less respectfully to her -which makes her act rudely back at you, and in fact, strengthens the way you perceive her – as a mean person!

Do you see how we actually fabricate our whole experience in the world? What if in that specific scenario, you would say to yourself “I must have read that incorrectly” and go about your day, smiling every time you see Jane and being kind to her… Most likely if she isn’t suffering from a deep issues\behavioral disorder, she would reciprocate and feel grateful for your kindness. She would now label you as a “Good” thing in her mind and both your feedback loops will continue to reflect that.

This is how powerful your inner filters are. When you manage to replace a filter you have done most of the work, because it will start acting on its own powerful feedback loop – and will continue reinforcing the good belief you have installed.

 I go into this much in depth inside my course The Subconscious Architect to show you how to install new and powerful beliefs that generate efortless success at all times (even as you sleep) 

About setbacks

Usually, when you go into doing inner work you will experience incredible results in a short time. That is because most of the time you will find that letting go feels much better than clinging onto the things holding you back (Limiting beliefs, painful memories, traumatic events, compulsive habits) yet from time to time there may be spontaneous setbacks triggered by events that induce negative feelings and emotions.

This happens due to your brain creating very powerful neural routes to manage and cope with the negativity of the unhealthy behavior you just removed.

When you have a bad day, your brain knows that giving yourself a swift rush of dopamine through Overeating, Binging Netflix, Porn, casual sex, weed, alcohol, negative thought patterns, etc – is much faster and easier than dealing with the pain in a more evolved way and allowing yourself to process the emotions naturally.

The problem is that this will set you back from your goals and re-enforce the negative pathways you are working to eliminate.

But don’t worry. Setbacks may happen to anyone, and they are part of the healing process. There is no reason to be hard on yourself. This will only further your guilt and shame and lead you to more of what you are trying to avoid.


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With that being said, I want to suggest a few powerful methods to Detox your subconscious mind and allow it to create more powerful, empowering, and beneficial beliefs and pathways to grow into the goals and 2.0 identity you wish to embody.

Here are the most important areas I believe would aid you in your journey to create a strong subconscious mind that works FOR you and WITH you to create a better life, that is peaceful, prosperous, more abundant with resources and experiences you enjoy, and more in tune with your own nature and life –

Beliefs – Our inner beliefs are what shape the fabric of our reality. There are some things objective and concrete that are hard to dismiss and change like “The sun is hot” “The Sky is blue” etc, nor would you want or care to change or affect here. What you do want to work on are the beliefs that are directly affecting your ability to create the change and the life you desire. For example, you might have this belief that “I am not worthy of success” -> Maybe you don’t understand where that belief comes from right now, but it most certainly has a relation to you from your past and present experiences. Maybe it was something you heard as a child, maybe you have watched that through TV, or some acquaintance you know has planted that belief inside of you.

All of that doesn’t matter – because what you need to understand is that  you are the architect of your mind, and the designer of reality – you are the only one in charge of your belief system.  You are both the Suggestor and the “Suggestee” – you are on both sides of the coin. Whatever you tell yourself consistently you will also start to believe. It may take time, patience, dedication, and consistency, but it WILL change. It will begin to improve. And it will eventually become your reality.

I am not worthy of success may turn into “I am doing my best to achieve success” and eventually into “I am a successful person, I succeed with everything I do”

This is a lifelong process – and one should examine their beliefs often to find what needs to be strengthened or changed throughout time.

Habits & Behaviors – Your habits and behaviors are clearly the founding blocks of your experience. If you are currently dealing with lots of bad habits and behaviors that are putting you down such as described before, you are exerting an immense amount of energy in directions that do not bring you forward toward your vision and goals.

Sometimes letting go of a bad habit or negative behaviors such as gossiping, oversleeping, procrastination, etc is hard. It’s natural because your brain is so regular and developed a strong baseline with these behaviors as the paradigm through which you are operating.

The key here is to start taking very small steps that are in the opposite direction. Maybe tell yourself that tomorrow you’ll smoke 1 less cigarette, you’ll wake up 10 minutes earlier, you’ll take a 7-minute walk around the block, and see what happens. Then you increase the intensity as you find it more rewarding and decrease the negative behavior.

Your mind may be pushing in both directions but at any given moment it can only push toward one. Hold on to the force that helps you make the changes necessary.

Use of language -> Both in self-talk and with others, you have a strong ability to shape your reality and your life with the words you use. Words are the instruments through which you are able to program the mind and create change on a deeper chemical level. We are so tuned and sensitive to words that we can be hurt or empowered for a lifetime by a single sentence from someone we love and value. The way you speak with yourself and others is of crucial importance in Detoxing your subconscious mind. If your self-talk is deprecating and putting you down like – “I’m so stupid”, “I don’t have any energy”, “I’m such a loser” etc – it becomes so hard for your mind to do otherwise. Your mind accepts your suggestions as true, and it will assume it is in your best interest for survival to act that way.

Your mind: “Maybe he says he is stupid to look dumb and unthreatening, okay then! Let’s do it”

Do you see how your mind will find ways to justify your own self-talk? It’s of crucial importance to keep positive self-talk and inner dialogue. Also, you’re going to be very surprised that the way you talk with others affects you as well. Let’s say you indulge in others’ negativity (as most people are in a negative state of mind). For example, your co-worker tells you how horrible life is, how awful is the coffee at work, how negative and rude your boss is… This will seep into your own mind if you accept it as a fact and will start affecting your well-being and positivity in life.

Something I’ve found to work VERY well in those cases is INDIRECT responses that deflect their negativity but doesn’t arise resistance that opens up the whole pandora box.

Instead of IDENTIFYING with them, you’re much better off telling them – “I understand what you’re saying\I get how you look at it” -> In one sentence you have 1. Validated their feelings. 2. Understand their point of view and accept there are many different ways to perceive every situation 3. Let yourself release their negativity without identifying or accepting it.

Work on your self-talk and treat each word you say as if it is already a reality. You will be extremely surprised by this.

Self-talk is a KEY part of living a healthy life and attracting more blessings into your life in more ways than one.  The Subconscious Architect course  has an entire module explaining why and how to use words and self talk to program your mind and utilize this powerful tool to create a deep subconscious transformation in your life.

Environment -> Your environment has a very important role in the way you operate. If you have a positive environment that is beneficial for your growth and well-being you’ll find it is much easier to prosper and expand.

When your environment is too abrasive it will become harder and harder to even function on a basic level.

It is one of those things that we may not have full control over so it’s important not to stress too much if you can’t really change your environment at all at the moment.

If you cannot change, replace, or adjust your environment in a way you see as more beneficial to you – don’t despair.

You can change the way you relate to and accept the things in that environment. You can change your perception of the environment and how you let it affect you. It is very much in your control – and that is what you should focus on until you are able to place yourself in an environment more suitable for you.

Closing thoughts

We have covered a lot of ground about the current state of your subconscious mind, what brought it to that point, and how you can change it to identify and relate more naturally to your own ideal self you wish to become.

By following this Detox Protocol you will definitely sense a strong shift in your life, and a sense of healing and new growth opening up to you and coming forth. I suggest you use a journal to work with the changes and document every advancement and point where you feel you can further improve. The more you notice the small details and intricate nuance of how your mind operates, the more you will make a friend out of your subconscious mind – it will aid you in becoming the person you want to be, and unlock a higher, better version of yourself, every single day.

Hope you enjoyed this in-depth Detox Protocol. I plan to create one long-form newsletter for you each week, so let me know if you found it beneficial for your journey.

Next week I will probably right about practices that can further aid us in the process of getting to know our subconscious mind and reprogramming it to our own advancement.

If you would like to dive deeper into your Subconscious Mind Programming, I highly recommend you get a copy of  The Subconscious Architect course .

One of the many happy students.

Inside the course, I go in-depth into the inner relationship of yourself with your subconscious mind, and the way it affects your life and personal & professional success.

You will discover how you can start to effortlessly and quickly manifest your ideal 2.0 self, and create more abundance, prosperity, and fulfillment in your life… While enjoying FLOW STATE LIVING for the Optimal human experience.

Join the course here -> The Subconscious Architect

Talk Soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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