The true power of energy healing

Yesterday I cut my finger while chopping vegetables

I lost focus and my knife slipped and went deep, directly into my finger

It wasn’t a shallow small cut, but a cut that went deep into the flesh.

Lots of [redacted] streamed from the cut while I was washing the wkund

Didnt seem to stop easily even after a few minutes so I retreated to my room

Sat down and started praying while asking for light energy to stop the bleeding

As soon as I asked for help and invoked a specific angel name

I felt the stream of healing energy flow from the top of my head, from the crown chakra –

Directly into my finger – and another stream of energy from that same angel being I called – sealing the wound from the other side

At the exact moment I felt a burst of electricity and sharp tingling closing the wound and sealing the open flesh

I open my eyes and the bleeding stopped, the flesh of the finger sealed, and all pain was gone.

I believe in energy healing. I know it’s importance – and I wish to spread its wisdom as far and wide as I can. I am in the process of writing a deeper book about it atm.

This is the power of energy healing when practiced properly over time coupled with faith.

It is real and it works.

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