The Untold Secrets behind the best masterpieces and artworks

It is artworks like The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Books like “48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene, and albums such as “The Dark Side of The Moon” by Pink Floyd, that have personally embarked me on the journey of perfecting my craft and setting out to create a body of work to my own name

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What is it about these works of art that move people so deeply, and intensely and create a sense of awe, inspiration, and larger-than-life feeling?

What are the secrets that they hold? and how can you use this knowledge to create better work yourself? Keep reading to find out.

There’s no simple answer to this question, we can philosophize and debate on these ideas for hours on end, and everyone will have a different explanation for it.

I’ll present my own take and allow you to head out with a few points to think about for yourself, and maybe even convince you to embark upon your own journey of self-development, creation, and mastery at the end of this article.

Starry Night By Van Gogh

1. The Power of a Masterpiece

As I gaze upon the Mona Lisa, or Van Gogh’s starry night, listening to a classical tune by Chopin, while reading a masterpiece book by Dostoyevsky, I cannot help but feel a sense of elevation, a sense of something larger than life moving me to incredible inspiration, and awe of life. I cannot help but feel as if a master is pulling the exact strings of my heart and mind in tandem, as if they have chosen the exact words, sounds, and strokes in the exact rhythm, time, and moment with perfect execution, to create a remarkable effect on the mind, heart, and soul. This is the definition of ecstasy, and when that hits you, you cannot resist it. The effects of the masterpiece are so powerful, that it’s been said it has stirred the deepest emotions in people, ranging from deep inspiration and a move to action to acts of vandalism, sabotage, and even self-harm.

There is a reason these masterpieces hold power over an individual, the reason is that they are connected to the deepest elements of nature, and the elements inside of it move in complete harmony.

Mind you, it is very hard to grasp the words to describe a masterpiece in an accurate and complete manner, this happens because the masterpiece doesn’t talk to a person, it is felt by a person on the deepest possible level he can experience.

Robert Greene, one of the best authors of our modern times. Depicting human nature, psychology, and social dynamics in extraordinary depth and clarity

2. Timeless nature of the work

Another aspect where masterpiece works of art derive their power is their timeless nature. They are not just nice works of art that are relevant to the times and will fade away in the next fad. They are works that hold significant weight, classic elements, and hold true to the essence of nature’s laws. They are completely based on the nature of reality and do not distort the principles that govern it. There is a quality that a contemporary work that is only relevant to the times will never have. The timeless work will always overpower any other work in the long run.

Frederic Chopin, the master pianist that left a haunted, delightful body of work behind him

3. The time and effort invested in the work

When you see a masterpiece, there is a quality that is usually underlying and hidden well. It is so subtle and delicate that most people are careless and seem to never spot it.
You see, when a work of art becomes so powerful, consensus, and agreed upon as a masterpiece, it is because of the mastery the artist has achieved. The level of skill and understanding of his craft determines how well he can communicate his message through his art, no matter the medium. Those works of art truly shine and embody deep planning and reasoning behind them. You cannot take it away from them, no matter how simple or ordinary it seems.

The simplicity is in fact a byproduct of YEARS of shedding the unnecessary and perfecting the essence of the work, to a degree your work does not need any explanation, but rather speaks for itself and showcases the big idea in a fraction of a second.

Closing Words

I hope this breakdown of mastery, and what makes a masterpiece was beneficial to you, and I suggest you start looking at those works of art that deeply moved you from a new lens and perhaps see them in a new, enhanced light thanks to this.

As always, would love to hear from you in the comments section.


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