The Vision Lights the Path

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Hello Conscious Creators,

It’s Aaron – I’m sharing this message today to help you further crystalize your vision and path towards the purpose and vision that is truly meant for you. I hope it resonates with you and you will find it helpful.

Go make yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage and let’s dive in.

A lot of people walk through life aimless, hopeless, and with fear. They are running away from pain rather than moving toward pleasure, happiness, and fulfillment. The truth is that taking action is never enough. Doing more things is never the answer to why someone is feeling stuck, lost, or doubtful. There is a much deeper explanation and it rarely involves just doing more.

The Vision Lights the Path – on The level of identity

You can be doing a million different things to get where you wish to go – you can work hard, market, share, build, create, talk about, record, play, and get advice – but you’re always going to get the same result if you don’t change on the level of identity.

The level of your identity is where actual change happens first. You can chase something your whole life but if you’re not going to change who you really are from within, you’re always going to get the same results.

Why does that happen?

When your identity has remained the same that means you are still IDENTIFYING with old beliefs, perceptions, and behaviors that no longer define the person you are trying to become.

Change always seems so simple and so challenging at the same time, but why? why can’t you change immediately the moment you decide to embark on a new path?

It is the identity level holding you back.

Let’s look at a practical example. Think about Josh that wants to become funnier.

Josh wants to become more fun around friends and family. Now what does a funny person do, think, believe, act, and appreciate?

That’s all that matters for Josh to make a change. Yet if he just practices a few jokes here and there but keeps listening to sad music, watching serious action movies, thinking about philosophical debates and astrophysics, while hanging out at the library with his serious scholar friends, wearing suits all day, and eating very strict meals throughout the day – is it going to matter that he practices a few jokes every evening?

Josh’s demeanor and energetic imprint is a serious one. He radiates seriousness, the complete opposite of the funny, bubbly archetype. Now this doesn’t mean Josh can’t be naturally serious and funny, there’s always nuance in these things – but if he is naturally not funny, and naturally serious – then just practicing a few jokes isn’t going to cut it. He is going to need a completely new approach, a more radical identity-shifting approach that will allow him to step into a new reality and way of living.

Let us say for a second that you want to make a change in your life. You want to become more prosperous, have more relationships, be more healthy, and find more purpose. How can you begin to even approach this change? How would you know what to do, where to go, and what actions to take?

The key lies in your vision. Without a vision, we are blind, literally. The Vision Lights the Path is a literal phrase in some ways and a metaphorical one in others.

There’s immense power in having a clear, pristine vision for our life. It’s something every person on planet Earth should have. There’s nothing to lose about having a vision. It can always be changed and shifted according to your own growth and changes. We are never finished. We are continuously growing, shifting, and changing. There’s nothing wrong with changing the vision and adapting it according to your worldly findings and empirical understandings.

So the vision is the first step

The Vision Lights the Path

The vision will be there when you are not sure about the path. When the path is unclear, there is a vision to hold on to and guide you. When you are not sure what is right, there is a vision to help you.

When you think the path is wrong, there is a vision to guide you. Maybe you will look at the vision and think to yourself – “that’s really not it…” and that is totally fine because once again the vision helped you understand who you are NOT, and what you do NOT want to do. So you rearrange the vision to accommodate these new perceptions.

There’s no way to live a life of greatness and mastery without having a vision to light your way.

Even on the highest levels of awareness, consciousness, perception, and knowingness – you can become the vision yourself. You ARE the vision. That may take practice. That may take time and trust in the universal forces and the laws of nature. When you have a vision you at least have a level of knowing what you want out of life and that’s already a step forward towards illumination of your personal path.

Now, when you know what the vision is, where it is taking you, and how you’re prepared to go towards the right path for you in life, you have to ruthlessly examine what is out there in the world that is trying to fight your vision and distract you.

What is out there in the world is usually more about what’s in there in your mind rather than anything else. every encounter we have is a chance to illuminate more of the truth that is always present in the universe and in the laws of nature itself.

I personally have many visions of life. There’s no reason to confine yourself to one narrow box. I have smaller visions branching out of larger ones, I have larger ones branching out of small ones. I have visions that i feel, visions that I can see, visions that are only in imagination waiting to be crystallized into an observable reality. A vision is simply a tool, a vehicle to enter the realm of the subconscious mind, of the superconsciousness where everything is already there for you to hold and experience.

The vision is only an accelerator towards rapid manifestation and experience of higher states of consciousness and dimensions.

When I speak of writing the first vision, I see it as the first step and not the end goal.

The identity changes needed for the vision

When the vision is crystalized there needs to be identity changes happening as well.

If we only act, we forget to become. If we only do, we forget to be.

This is something most people including myself overlook. If you only do there’s no chance for you to BE the vision fully in your life today.

For example – let’s say you want to experience more abundance in your life, you do not wait for abundance to knock on your door. You define what abundance is for you. Usually, it isn’t about money or wealth. There is always a feeling deep beneath it that can allow you to experience that emotion and satisfaction you wish to have.

For me, abundance is having time to go to the beach and enjoying time with my loved ones and friends. Do I wait until I reach my “vision” to do that? Do I have to get all my goals done to achieve this state of abundance within me? Or am I able to make it happen now?

Maybe your version of abundance is going to eat at a luxurious place and is more directly related to money and wealth. So what’s stopping you from going there? Maybe you can’t afford to go there yet. That’s perfectly fine – there’s no benefit in going completely out of your financial capabilities or going into debt to accelerate abundance consciousness. That’s not the point.

In that instance, you can start identifying what is the feeling that you desire? Do you desire to feel important and powerful? Do you want to experience luxurious foods? To be seen and mingle with high-class people or places?

Don’t judge these feelings and desires. Allow yourself to see them for what they are. At the end of the day, there is always something beneath the experience that we desire. We do something in order to feel something – more self-esteem, happiness, growth, etc.

Now that what you want is clear to you – there are ways to replicate these feelings in ways that you can currently experience.

Maybe you can go to a place you can afford that offers a similar experience. Maybe you can do something that matches the energetic frequency of the experience. Perhaps you can replicate a similar atmosphere in your home and network. And if all of the above are still not possible then you at least know that you have something to strive for, and your awareness of it already allows you to find ways to make it happen.

The vision creates the experience with a feeling that comes with it, so when you focus on creating experiences – you bring the feeling of the vision to life. (a feedback loop that you can choose where to activate it from – instead of waiting for the vision to happen -> You bring the vision to life.)

Once you see where the gaps are between your current reality and your envisioned reality are it becomes easier to bridge them.

Through the laws of the universe, there may also be some surprises related to this event. You may have an opportunity coming your way to experience what you bring forth and you may open yourself to new faculties of experience with people and places you didn’t know exist yet.

By bringing a vision into your imagination, you are already bringing it into life. Every reality, every appearance, has first been created in the mind. Every experience you wish to have is no different.


So again, how does your identity relate to your vision?

Even the smallest of changes to your identity create vibrational changes in the life you live. Imagine you changing the clothes you wear, the place you live in, the people you associate with – the results are big in your ability to reflect yourself into the world differently. If you constantly hold on to the identity of your past self, you will keep repeating the same actions, thoughts, and speech that will lead to the same results.

There are too many patterns you repeat that are cementing your place in life to where it currently is.

When you shift on the identity level you are discarding of whatever isn’t true to your LIMITLESS TRUE SELF. That’s all you have to do.

All you have to do is discard what isn’t you. Discard what you are NOT.

To the extent of how connected/disconnected you are from your True Self this may be an easy or hard task.

The Mental programs we have

Most people carry baggage from years of neglect and lack of awareness to who they are and what they are here to do.

I can write for ages and not cover everything but there are a lot of mental programs that you are running that may not be the best for you. I am still removing programs and reshaping beliefs every single day. Every successful person I know does so too. It is a never-ending process of refining the craft, the vision, the art, the path. The true direction and work one has to do in life.

For one it may be to bring a smile to people’s faces. For another, it may be to grow the food from the ground. The other may be a warrior and guardian of men. Another’s job is to bring more of the spirit into the human realm.

As long as it is TRUE and in line with the laws of the universe there’s no one job or one task that is necessarily more important than another.

If it is driven by love – for oneself and others – then it is true, faithful, honest, beautiful, and noble.

Then you can rest assured you are on the path to heaven on earth and living life with purpose.

The automatic programs in your mind

The key to change and alignment with a path to higher ground, a higher vision that is driven by clarity, faith, and prosperity is through the reprogramming of the mind.

When you operate with mental programs that are deeply intertwined and convoluted it becomes so hard to make the right moves in your life. Your worries and doubts arise from that lack of alignment with your vision.

Think of it as driving a sports car with the engine of an old car. In this analogy the vision that you strive to have is the peak performance sports car, where it has all the artificial elements you wish to embody, yet the engine that runs your mind – thoughts and actions – is not in alignment with that.

In this case you’re still going to “drive at the same speed” – to get the same performance, the same results, and the feeling of dissatisfaction. Even if you somehow arrive at the vision or the path that gets you to it, you may have self-sabotaging tendencies that will detract you from it.

If you don’t work on the software of the mind, the programs that are automatically telling you what you can or can’t do, what is possible and what isn’t, or what is not in your ability to achieve, then you’re going to run into problems, hardship and lack of confidence.

Work on the level of the mind, the level of identity, and the level of energy before you even lift a finger. Don’t make moves without aligning these to where you wish to go and who you wish to become. When they are set in place you are going to experience a higher state of consciousness, one of growth, prosperity, abundance and belief that it can happen and WILL happen for you.

You will KNOW rather than second guess. It will be clear and your thoughts and actions will have more power and leverage over reality. You will have congruence with the natural flow of the universe and it will stop feeling like a constant battle.

This state can be slippery and elusive to experience, all the more to explain and convey on paper. I hope you have received the overall idea behind the words I am sharing with you – there is a world to discover within you that allows you to be in harmony with the path you walk.

As for my ability to help you walk that path, find the trail of success and personal clarity in your vision, and releasing of all programs and blockages from the subconscious mind – I can offer you guidance inside The Subconscious Architect.

This course walks you through the path to outlining the true vision and path of your life and then allows you to remove all negative mental programs, limiting beliefs, and subconscious blockages that are holding your natural, Limitless energy from flowing within you. The course also covers reality creation techniques to further accelerate your ability to bring all of your visions and goals to life. You can read more about it here.

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Hope you have a wonderful day and talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

p.s – feel free to comment below with thoughts, inspiration, or if you want to learn more about this topic in further posts/videos.

p.p.s – if you have any questions about my programs or coaching, email me back or Contact me here and I’ll help you out.

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