Thoughts and ideas always tend to manifest

Thoughts and ideas always tend to manifest. Even if they are subtle.

You may think of a person or about an idea and you will see the energy starting to unfold in your life.

You may think “I should do more of this” and opportunities to do so will find themselves coming to you.

This is where manifestation/thoughts come to life – it’s in subtle energetic changes that over time compound.

It’s in thinking – “I should listen to more of this type of music” and then seeing new artists pop up in your area, taking a ticket, making a friend in the show, meeting the artists backstage, etc.

These are all things that always happen for those who “know”, the only thing you need for it to happen to you is clarity of vision and awareness. Everything stems from heightened awareness.

Life is completely magical once you unlock this secret ingredient that is so elusive and hard to define – yet too tangible to NOT notice if you’ve experienced what I’m talking about here.

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