December 02, 2023 at 02:44PM

It’s funny how people have been conditioned that scarcity is the base state That to move into abundance requires a lot of hard work and effort When in reality the opposite is true To live in lack is a much harder and more stressful life To maintain this illusion that lack is… https://t.co/wrVxnYsNqt — Limitless Master ∞ (@Limitless33_) Dec 2, 2023

December 02, 2023 at 02:32PM

What the heck can YOU A “tiny civilian” can do to stop the powers that be? You can declare you DO NOT consent to their games Say it out loud: “I DO NOT consent to being a slave. I AM FREE” Live in that vibration and let all fear go Write it down below to imprint the energy👇 — Limitless Master ∞ (@Limitless33_) Dec 2, 2023