Tuning in to your voice within

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How many times did you know something before it happened but you were afraid to pursue that feeling\insight? How often are you tuning in to your voice within?

How many times have you tried following a path that deep inside you knew wasn’t right for you?

How often have you denied a strong knowingness and feeling because you were afraid to sound crazy or hysterical?

I know that I have muted the “voice” countless times, and every time it led me to waste time, to lose money, to get hurt, to suffer.

Yet every time I listened, great things happened. Things moved in my favor. Life returned to its natural flow where I can be a part of it and manage it from within.

Some of you may not understand what I am talking about but that is fine. You are exposing yourself to these ideas that may awaken that voice you also have within, that tells you things, even before they happen.

It is called Intuition, hunches, gut feelings, and even channeling, clairvoyance, and prophecy.

Most people are deaf to it. Most people don’t want to listen. It is frightening. It is scary.

Sometimes there will be things that don’t make sense, but the power of your intuition isn’t rational.

The rational and intuitive mind

Tuning in to your voice within

The rational mind knows all the rules, it knows how to apply logic and structure. It loves linear thinking.

The intuitive mind is beyond logic. Beyond normal rules. It is beyond time, space, and spirit.

The rational mind is the left hemisphere which has been found to be better at analyzing and processing information, while the intuitive mind is the right hemisphere which is more creative, wild, and unchained. It is the source of our creativity.

There are people who are more left-brain oriented, that structure and organization are more important to them, and they are very reliant on logic.

People who are more right-brain oriented have an easier time breaching the logical rules of life, seeing the world from a more creative perspective, and bringing more fantastical experiences into life.

It is safe to say, that science is more left brain, yet the discoveries that provide the leaps from which science expands are actually right-brain oriented.

There is no invention that doesn’t involve imagination and experimentation, beyond the rational mind’s limits.

The capacity to invent and create in life is limited only by the perceived limitations of our minds.

Nowadays, you look at things like a phone, a computer, a fridge, a car, and airplanes as normal parts of life, yet for them to have appeared in existence, someone had to imagine and create them completely from nothing like Steve Jobs tells us here.

This is a fact we tend to overlook.

Everything in life was created first in imagination

As human beings, we have the power to create. We have been given the seed of the creator within us that allows us to construct advanced technologies and creations, beyond what is present in nature, in its organic form.

This is a huge leap and a quality that only humans have. Monkeys still live on trees. Birds still migrate for shelter and food. Fish swim their whole life in search of food and safety.

There is no rest in nature. Humans have evolved beyond this survival existence and have been moving ever since towards an existence of co-creation and growth.

Why is that? It all starts with the gift of mind and speech, moves on to our ability to preserve knowledge and pass it forward, and is coupled with our understanding and evolving consciousness.

This is why to learn how to prosper in life, you want to learn how to use your imagination and the power of creation within your life.

How do we access this faculty?

As I’ve said before, you have the power within you to create. You also have the power within you to Know and Understand – a voice. Intuition, hunches, inspiration. They are all directing you at all times even without your conscious awareness.

The more you raise your level of awareness of these intuitions and inspirations, the easier it becomes to access your creative power.

You will find that you suddenly know what to do. You know where to go. Who to contact. What to create. When to do so. When to rest.

More importantly, you will learn to discern, and you will learn how to avoid one of the most common mistakes I have talked about at the start of this email…

Walking into false doors

As you raise your awareness and intuition levels, you’ll experience a great sense of knowingness about your purpose, your destiny, and your life path and it will become clearer with time…

Unfortunately, raising your awareness levels and seeing clearly takes time. You may make mistakes. You may walk through false doors and it will sometimes be hard and painful.

You might make decisions based on patterns that don’t serve you as you are growing into your true self. I’ve done so plenty of times.

Perhaps you decide to start a business venture that isn’t right for you, or you begin a project that sounds like the perfect fit, yet as clarity increases, you’ll discover it was another false door.

It can sometimes be devastating – but understand that sometimes you have to walk through this door to understand yourself better.

There are times when you think you are doing all the right things, but deep inside you know it isn’t right for you. Again, the intuitive voice, which is the real you, knows. It knows, and it is vocal.

You just choose to ignore it… and that’s fine. I believe that it’s part of the process of fine-tuning your inner compass, your GPS system.

The thing you need to understand is that walking through a false door isn’t bad for you sometimes. If there was no other path to take, then it’s better to walk any path presented. Staying in place is worse, as clarity is gained through action.

How to know if I walked through a false door?

The more you raise your awareness levels, the easier it will get to understand whether you have walked through a false path or not. The easier it will become to listen to yourself, tuning in to your voice within becomes natural.

What matters is being honest with yourself. Being true to yourself and asking yourself if you are truly happy with where you’re going. Listen to your inner voice, it knows the way.

The right path may be something that brings you a lot of resistance and fear. The right path may be full of doubt and anxiety about the future.

This is your rational mind tricking you to believe that it is too dangerous and scary to go where you really want to go. To do what you are meant to do… and to express yourself in the way that is right for you.

The right path may involve the sacrifice of things that appeal to your ego… things as status, fame, wealth, or other things you held in high regard. It also might not.

Pivoting and changing direction is a good thing, it should be encouraged and not condemned. I believe people judge others for changing paths or directions when they intuitively and subconsciously know or see it has been done for reasons that aren’t pure.

When a person expresses a true and authentic part of themselves, you love and enjoy them more. This is my observation – you may have perceived it differently.

Raising your awareness

If you want to tune into the voice within, then I want you to take this advice and idea from here, and apply it in your life, to consistently and efficiently raise your awareness.

Start questioning the things you normally do and follow. Start observing the patterns around you and within you. Start looking for the connection between the world you have within and the world around you.

Become a scientist and look for the patterns in your life… slowly and gently learn how to open your ears and heart to the voice within. It may take time and the process may be long depending on how long you have buried that voice and how murky are the waters in your mind – but it is in your hands and ability.

I would like to invite you to join The Subconscious Architect course that will help you with the journey to connect with your voice within. To open the channels of abundance – of relationships with others and yourself, of growth, of wealth, and health.

I plan to update the course soon and add more materials over the coming weeks. Everyone enrolled will get access to the updates of course – Join here.​

As well, I have started writing a new book that I hope to share more about when the time is right.

I will also want to share more knowledge about the Kabbalah teachings, a transcendental and sacred system I have been learning and researching. It may be the right time to share and spread more to help you and assist you in your personal journey of growth.

This is knowledge that is very hard to find in its pure and authentic form. This is because this knowledge originated in Hebrew, through the Jewish Bible and Secret teachings, and as I am a Hebrew speaker I have researched a lot of these sources and it is hard to find a good and authentic source. it is very hard to find the right teacher, especially in English.

I am keen to share more of this secret knowledge in some shape or form if there is enough demand for that – so let me know in a reply if this interests you.


Aaron | Limitless Master

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