Unlocking the power of your intuition and guidance within:

Lately I’ve been working with an ambitious and driven startup founder in my coaching program

He is working in a high-stress environment, long hours, and needs full access to the power of his mind to generate insights, ideas, and development in his field while showing up as a strong leader to his team and investors

We’re working on his ability to tap deeper into his subconscious mind, intuition, and mental tools to increase his performance, leadership, and his energy levels while expanding his natural state of consciousness so he can be in his best shape.

This is a message he sent me today on one of the ideas we discussed that made me very happy to read and I believe contains a lot of Gold for you too (shared with permission ofc)…

If you’re overwhelmed and need more clarity in your job or biz you’ll want to read *and apply* this as well:

“I have been experimenting with intentional boredom.

Consciously taking time in my day to do nothing other than sit and aimlessly gaze around my surroundings without any distractions.

Initially, this was very difficult. I kept reaching out for my phone – which was in another room – , fidgeting, checking my watch, etc but after a while my mind settled and I was able to sit there.

I had an insight that draws upon two ideas you’ve covered on your newsletter.

1st is the one about our power frequency, how you can tune to it like a radio. 2nd is which self of mine is in the driver seat when I’m on a journey to a particular destination.

As I was thinking about why I felt the need to consciously embrace boredom, I remembered what you said about hunches and ideas coming to the conscious from the subconscious – which has access to infinite intelligence.

My reasoning went on, if I want to have more frequent hunches and eureka moments then I need to make sure that my conscious mind is fertile enough to facilitate that process. To make it easier to get information downloads.

How? By spending more time in silence. I should not actively try to escape being with my thoughts.

Then it made me realize that I can tune in to my power frequency, where I’m completely aligned and positioned well to access this infinite expanse by channeling God

But, if there’s always music, YouTube, and tv shows in the background, that noise will drown out the whispers of my intuition, which would cause those faculties to atrophy because they’re sending messages that aren’t getting through the noise and eventually give up.

It reminded me of the car analogy you gave because if you’re the determined self, in the driver’s seat, you managed to tune to the right radio station, on paper all is good…

but if one of the “selves” is in the back with a JBL speaker blasting music louder than the car speakers can then no matter how keenly you listen, all you’ll hear is the music coming from the back.

This convinced me that overstimulation can be a serious impediment to spiritual and material success.

The subconscious cannot provide solutions to situations if it’s constantly being drowned out by noise”

It’s incredible reading this message and seeing how he distilled the concepts from the newsletter and sessions.

You can try these exercises/tools he mentioned yourself as well and observe how powerful your mind can become as an asset to receive new insights and ideas for your biz, work, and personal growth.

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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