Vibe Makers

Vibe makers are the people in this world that embellish life with profound beauty, grace, wisdom, and emotion.

We all know a vibe maker when we see one – there’s a visceral gut feeling, a knowingness that “hey, this guy’s special”, “this woman knows something deeper – can see it in her eyes”. There’s something magnetically unique in these people as if you’re pulled into their vortex, their gravitational field that draws you into a parallel universe. They have magic.

Maybe you can already imagine such a person in your mind as you’re reading this. They are those who had a great effect and impact on your life – whether artistically, emotionally, intellectually, or in any other form or shape.

Some of the key ideas I’ll cover in this article:

  • What is the secret ingredient of vibe makers such as artists, musicians, writers, and inventors and other creators/professionals?
  • What is the source of the unique vibes and energy vibe makers are able to produce?
  • Why AI/robots can’t replace it (for now)?
  • How to unlock this powerful essence you have within?
  • What obstacles do you need to overcome to tap into your true self?

Who are the vibe makers?

The Ancient version of Vibe Makers

Vibe makers are usually those who are completely tuned in to themselves and tapped into the source of their being and energy.

They are able to channel and project from the deepest parts of their hearts and souls – it’s as if their words, ideas, songs, or art are pure emotion and energy translated into the mediums we can decipher.

When you hear them – they are truly themselves. There is nothing that takes away from who they are, or there is nothing more to add.

You can feel inspired, uplifted, and empowered in their presence. Suddenly life becomes full of possibilities and opportunities…

What may have looked like a bleak existence transcends the elements of space & time and takes you on a trip across worlds and universes.

Vibe Makers can be everywhere

They can be musicians, writers, artists, teachers, actors, chefs, athletes, drivers, engineers, inventors, scientists, and so forth.

There is no limitation to the human potential and creativity we can project and experience as humanity as a whole.

everything is a vibe – everything is energy and frequency – if you can just look deep enough behind the mask of concrete reality. Everything speaks the language of energy, frequency, and vibration – it is present in all places and all crafts.

The Vibe Makers are magicians

The vibe makers are able to channel their innermost feelings, emotions, and insight into existence. They have a deep sense of time and punctuality. They know how to deliver the right emotion, at the right time, at the right place. They know how to manipulate energy to the deepest levels of mastery.

Just like magicians.

They create an energetic imprint within their work that is easily identifiable. They have mastered their Self and now they are able to seamlessly project it into material existence.

They know how to deliver the message into your soul, layer upon layer upon layer, with effortless ease, as if they’re keeping you on your toes the whole time. There is immense power in their craft.


The best and most intuitive example I can share is with musicians. What makes a musician sound like they do? Think about your favorite artist. They have a signature, they have a distinct essence that is undeniably them. You can hear 100 different songs from them, yet they will all have the same aroma and fragrance – this is their VIBE, the energy behind their work. It’s something so nuanced and elusive that many people miss it.

But the interesting thing here is that if you trace the vibe, you’ll begin to see there were inspirations that the artist took and crafted into their own vibe. For example, a guitarist may have taken his sound from many different guitarists and alchemized it into his own signature. Check out this solo by John Frusciante for a good example.

You can feel the impact of those that came before, yet if the artist is well individualized and tapped in – you’ll experience a completely new and different sound.

This means that even if you gave the piece of music to someone else to play it, note for note, it wouldn’t sound the same. Why is that? That is the vibe. That is the magic ingredient, the energy imprint of the individual we cannot replicate by any means.

So maybe this is what we have that AI doesn’t

At the moment, at least at the time of writing this, AI doesn’t have this spark. This divine presence creates spirit. I see many people fear that AI will replace them, or will cause havoc in their fields. I definitely understand and empathize with that.

The key thing here to realize is that for automatic, mindless, non-creative work – there is no competition against AI. AI will beat you any time of the day – I won’t try to sugarcoat this.

Yet there are deeper levels of energy that AI currently doesn’t demonstrate a capability to emulate or fabricate by itself.

I sense that there is a huge lack of spirit in AI. It even feels as if it is drawing from the opposite – from a dark side of energy that feels life-sucking and disempowering.

When you read AI’s output, or when you view its art, you can feel as if it sucks the life out of you – as if there’s no human touch that embellishes the work and gives it life. (more on that at another time)

When we create, we imprint our life force

When we create anything, we imprint our life force into the work. This means we put our energy and time into a craft, and it is stamped within that work of art or creation forever.

Even the most low-level human work has human energy within it. That doesn’t automatically make it superior to the work of machines for that instance, it just means that it’s a law of nature, a law of the universe that we can observe and understand in our work.

When you are going to work you want to have a clear vessel and pure energy coming out of your body to project into the craft. This will greatly enhance your work and stamp it with your uniqueness. See also “Dating the Chakras Series” to unleash your natural energy within.

DJs and Venues

DJs are high on the vibe makers list

When you go to a venue or a show with a DJ or a band you’ll notice that they’re literally manipulating energy, they are crafting the crowds around them like a sculptor sculpting the bowl.

If the DJ is good, there is a palpable energy in the air. People can enter into this pocket of energy and into a trance-like state – as if they have entered a different dimension and time stands still in that presence.

There is a unification of consciousness happening in this particular field of energy. The minds of the crowds are shut and they enter a union of spirit – they enter into the superconsciousness and they are all in sync with the same energy that is projected from the band or sounds.

Hence – when the vibe is set in motion it becomes a feedback loop between the artists and the crowd. They feed into each other and almost become as one. This is why when an artist performs, the work is never exactly the same as the record, there is always the spontaneous imprinting of energy from the crowd itself that dynamically pushes the work in new directions.

Artists and painters

When an artist paints or creates any other form of art like sculpting, drawing, or digital art they enter the field of energy and channel art from the source of the universe.

There is a power that is magnified and intensified when the artist manages to enter that zone of heightened awareness and connection.

It flows from their subconscious mind, from the power beyond, and they become a channel of art for that time being.

This can also be referred to as the Flow State. See: Flow State Living (coming soon)


True writers are one of the most tapped-in people on earth. When they write, they usually stop thinking completely. The mind shuts down and there is almost a sense of guidance pushing and pulling their hands and fingers to create.

There’s no resistance when the writer is set on the direction he wants to go. It’s as if there’s a destination that can be FELT and all that’s left is to fill in the gaps with the power of the moment – one word at a time.

This is why when you read a writer, you can feel a distinct essence that is truly their own. What they do is that they take energy in raw form, from the universe, process it within, and project it with the colors and vibrations they have within.

Think about a factory

The Vibe maker is similar to a factory in the sense that they have the talent to produce energy in a digestible form. They are able to take raw, unstructured, pure energy and form and create refined vibes and energy we can enjoy and feel uplifted by.

A sense of power

Being able to “fabricate” energy from thin air is one of the things that can grant you immense personal power.

There is a sense of liberation when you are able to go anywhere, with little to no equipment, and create a whole new atmosphere and aura around you that is unmatched by anything anyone else can create.

It is truly yours, truly unique and it allows you to be your Limitless True Self fully and completely.

This can give you a great sense of achievement and purpose in life.

How can you become a vibe maker?

I believe this question has one simple answer – become your true self.

This means removing the layers of false identities, releasing anything that is not in true alignment with who you are, and stopping doing things you dislike or don’t want to do.

Stop following paths just for the external world or for material rewards. Stop caring what others think or how they will accept you.

Start thinking in terms of how can you create for the better good?

What are the things that are only mine to create? What is my inner path that is the most magical, profound, and full of adventure?

These are questions most won’t go out and try to pursue but they are where the answer lies.

Another good place to start is by clearing up any blockages you have within you to allow the natural flow of energy to be unleashed – read more here.

The obstacle is within you

Our world is a material world, a physical world, where most people are stuck in doing things they dislike because they fear there is no other way out.

They fear that they have to work in things that carry no meaning to them to survive. This is a very hard limiting belief to overcome, but it can be.

Realize that in nature, the trees grow as they should, without thinking. The birds know when it is time to migrate automatically. The sun keeps rising every single day. The sea keeps making waves. The flowers know when to bloom. The day knows when to turn into night.

There is nothing complex in becoming a vibe maker. There is nothing that you don’t already have within you. The only journey is to remove the falsehoods and lack of truth from your body, mind, and spirit.

This is the only effort that is required. Once you do that, you can become a completely renewed person, a person that is truly themselves, and by your presence, shows others what is possible for humanity as a whole when one actualizes themselves and becomes their true being.


Aaron | Limitless Master

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