What automations have you set for the universe?

I love setting up automations when I can

I’ll automate whatever’s possible…

credit card payments, recurring tasks, reminders, and even content for twitter sometimes

it’s fun, simple, and it’s easy to leverage the tech in today’s world and saves you tons of time.

When you think about it, what exactly is an automation?

It’s pretty simple…

It’s a rule that executes every time something happens.

For example –

  • When X happens Do Y
  • When X time arrives, Send Y
  • If X person calls, Write Y

These are simple rules that make recurring tasks so much easier…

but have you ever wondered what automations you’ve set for the universe… with your own mind?

By now you should know that our mind is always interacting with the universe – like a device that is both a receiver and transmitter (btw I talk about it a lot in my book Beyond Limits)

And the Thoughts and beliefs you have are basically just RULES and AUTOMATIONS that you send into the universe.

Let me show you how:

I know a guy that believes things have to happen slowly…

So let’s translate that into automation:

When I want X – {ADD LONG TIME DELAY} – Give me Y

Another girl I know believes she has to be in extreme caloric deficit to lose weight

If we translate that belief into automation it can be something like:

If I eat > 1200 CaloriesGain Fat

I also used to have this belief that if I want to make money I have to work a LOT of hours…

I basically ran:

When Work hours = 12h daily, then – send $

When I could just run:

When work > 0, Send $$$

You see The universe doesn’t really care. It’s like a mirror for your thoughts, beliefs, and reflection – and it gives you what you believe you deserve and is possible.

This should make you excited.

This should make you see that your beliefs are not set in stone…

You can just “Reprogram” your mind, reset the automations, and set new ones.

Will it happen in a day?

Maybe. Perhaps you’ve been awaiting a huge shift and the time for that is NOW

Or perhaps you need to ingrain these ideas deeper into your subconscious mind and see the effects happen in reality

Either way, I know that it’s worth the effort because like any automation – you do the work once and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So if you want to start checking what beliefs can be updated and what automations you can send out to the universe, I highly recommend you start with my book “Beyond Limits” to get you up to speed.

If you want the accelerated route to a huge transformation of your belief system then you can get The Ultimate Bundle deal which will create shift after paradigm shift in your mind by going through the book, The Treasure Map, and The Subconscious Architect. (with Limitless Magazine as the cherry on top) – you can choose it in the bundles here.

That’s all for today.

Talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

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