What is the truth – Karma or Free Will?

A question that I got asked is if there is Karma, how can there be free will?

The truth about karma is that it simply describes cause and effect and doesn’t oppose Free Will.

This is a natural truth of energy and how everything in the universe operates.

This is also mentioned in science, Isaac Newton’s third law:

“For every action in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

Let’s say someone hits a ball with his leg, the ball hits his leg back with the same force.

If someone steals from a person, he now owes that energy to the person/universe as well.

It may be paid out through this lifetime or another because the soul lives many lives – this is karma.

An energetical excess or debt.

Now, here’s the thing:

You can ascend your Karma if you wake up from your own illusions and theatre of reality

If you realize that circumstances are slowing you down in life and causing you suffering…

If you notice that no matter what you do, the same issue still persists

Then realize this is Karma from this life or a past life.

It is simply Karma playing out.

Once you gain awareness and clarity on what is playing out, you can ascend this theatre, this play that is repeating again and again in your life.

For example, let’s say you are always short in finances.

You can decide to donate 10% of your income to charity – despite your shortcomings.

You will signal the universe that you are cleaning any karmic debts you have around wealth and trusting in abundance.

If relationships are eluding you – look into the people you’ve hurt in the past and reconcile.

if there aren’t any, look at the people who are neglected by society.

Give them a welcoming ear and kindness.

You will bring the grace of the universe to your side, and you will create an energetic reality that corresponds with friendship and kindness from more sources.

Of course, the situations we can describe are endless. Every situation is highly personal and accurate to your own evolution.

In general, only you can fully interpret the situation, but it can be helpful to get advice from a mentor who’s been in similar situations or knows the tight relation of the physical and energetical world.

To sum up, after you ascend the Karmic bonds in your life, you are free to create a new, more prosperous, and higher vibration reality

A reality that has higher energy and more enjoyable life experiences.

Maybe more Karmic ties will show up again, but you will have the tools and understanding to solve them as well.

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