What to do when your mind refuses to play along

Through working with the Subconscious and Conscious mind I discovered something strange…

Sometimes the mind has a life of its own

It goes on what I call a “Terror Rampage”

It’s as if another “voice” lives within the mind that is completely unrelated to the vision you set out to achieve

I also found that this voice loves showing up ESPECIALLY when you go through a challenging period or just not at your “ELITE” Self

Well, those of you who are avid readers of my content know that life comes in phases

As related to the quantum nature of our reality – without getting too technical – we’re all just a wave traveling through space and time.

And a wave has ups and downs… it’s completely natural

Now here’s the thing – the mind is super afraid of the down – and super excited from the up

It’s like a child that is either in complete ecstasy or depression about life

The mind loves rapidly going from -” It’s so over” to “We’re so back”

Sometimes MULTIPLE times a day.

The only way to tame the beast is to MASTER it – or we risk becoming its slave

Now the thing is that it isn’t such an easy thing to do sometimes

Even nowadays after studying, practicing, teaching, and coaching about these ideas

I find myself at times letting my mind take the controller for me

And I suddenly forget that I am the one in charge that I am the CREATOR of it all

It’s easy to slip back and let the mind RULE you – but we know better

Just the other night I was stressing about a biz project I am running and it made me lose some sleep…

I was completely absorbed into the project and that allowed the mind to find a grip on my thoughts, emotions, and feelings – to the point of excess stress

At that point I knew I had to catch myself the next morning and re-align with my true essence

You see – our natural state is ALWAYS that of peace, abundance and prosperity

It’s FINE to be stressed – but not to the state of losing sleep or getting anxious

That is why you need reminders.

You need tools – you need more mental models – you need anchors to hold onto

The next day I opened my personal Clarity Protocol – my personal insurance protocol that gets me immediately back on track whenever there is a bump in the road

The truth is it took me years to get to the point that challenges no longer phase me for long periods of time

Over the years I encapsulated those immediate insights and reminders into a clear protocol that I can open anywhere and RE-ALIGN when the wave is uncertain

So when the mind tries dragging me somewhere – I know immediately how to take back control, I have a simple system to follow

What about you? When negativity starts clouding your judgment – do you have a mental model to kick it away?

Essentially that’s all you have to do.

The more you try to fight it the more it fights back.

You don’t need to fight the mind but simply take what’s yours – the Limitless Power within

To RE-ALIGN with the powerful stream of life already INSIDE of you

But to do it efficiently you have to DOCUMENT when you are UP!:




And many more prompts that can help you immediately realign

You see the same Clarity Protocol I use is the exact one that is in The Subconscious Architect bonuses (those of you who are TSA students have probably set up your own protocol – and if you didnt – stop reading and head to do it now, guaranteed ROI when needed!)

The products and solution I sell are the things I actively use and improve in my own workflow and life as well. I and hundreds more believe in them and use them fully, everyday.

These are simple solutions to mastering the mind, one of the most complex machines that can be found in the world

It is a labyrinth that few have taken the time to really dig in and solve for themselves, let alone for others…

To master the mind fully may take time, yet by now I do have a large tool set and experiences to guide me to access the codes of this powerful machine that we can all tap into.

These tools can help you do this in a fraction of the time and those are the ones I share with YOU – both here and in my blog, books and courses

When you’ll realize that your mind is just like a computer you can access and change the code you will stop stressing

You simply use the right tools when negativity, stress, and worry come along and then carry on with your day

The same frameworks that I PERSONALLY use are also those I teach my readers, students and clients.

Whether entreprenuers, high performers, athletes, professionals and creatives They all need mental tools so they can live in harmony and keep performing at their best while connecting to their TRUE self and realign with their natural energy within

Whatever you do – it all starts and ends within yourself.

Have a blessed week and talk soon,

Aaron | Limitless Master

Btw – if you want to check out The Clarity Protocol I mentioned, it comes as a free bonus with The Subconscious Architect course.

It’s a 13 page personal insurance policy that will help you create a protocol to bounce back into the game whenever you are expereincing mental confusion or challenges.

Document what works ONCE and return back whenever you need to inject a quick dose of clarity, joy, and bliss.

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