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This post was originally posted here by my client in the Reality Master Coaching program. This was a post about the process and how he experienced our work together. Shared here with full permission.


I diligently review my notes the day after my weekly calls with Limitless Master (not his real name, obviously). Usually, by that time, I’ve spent about 16 hours internalising the ideas and allowing my subconscious to process it all while synthesising the information into an updated mental model—basically a software update.

After my most recent review, my entire system felt lighter, and I could feel the weight of my worries dissolving from my shoulders.


Our last call’s core theme was maintaining a healthy, elevated perspective on everything. As I was diving deeper into the ideas we had discussed, I realised that – if I’m lucky – I have about 60 more years to live, 60 more laps around the sun. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a very long time, it may seem like a long time ahead of me, but I know it’ll zip by if I’m not intentional about how I’m living today. Those years will fly by, and I never want to look back and regret not having enjoyed my youth or life.

Reverse engineering this idea. Despite deep-seated conditioning that stimulates overthinking, I now recognise that worry, doubt, fear, and anxiety are irrational emotions to entertain. They never change the outcome of the situations we find ourselves in; they don’t contribute positively to building a strategy that moves us from point A to point B. They rob us of the blessing that is the present moment.


The present moment is all we have. It is how we experience eternity. Another layer to this is that we waste even more energy when we place conditions on our happiness because “tomorrow” never comes. The goalposts will keep shifting, pushing “happiness” further down the path each time. We have the choice to be happy and content now.

I think this is something that someone experiences when they’ve entirely let go of controlling how events in their life unfold. There’s a pattern I’ve noticed in myself where I have written “scripts” for how I want things to go, and more often than not, it’s an attachment to that script that brings me pain, frustration and disappointment. I should face reality as it is, not as I would like it to be. In this state of complete acceptance, I am never disappointed or unsatisfied. Everything is happening for me, not to me. It is an absolute belief that what is mine to acquire, experience and achieve will be available when the time is right.


A lot of angst comes from needing to control everything because we fear that we won’t get what we desire if we don’t. That emanates a low-frequency vibration that attracts everything at that resonance. So by worrying and controlling, we get exactly what we don’t want.

I’ve made peace with the idea that what is for me will come onto my path when God ordained it. Until then, all I can do is enjoy the ride and appreciate every moment of every day because there’s no alternative to this strategy that I’m prepared to settle for.

Relinquishing my desire for control and allowing myself to be like a leaf floating on a river, going with the flow until my time here on earth ends.

One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.” – John C. Maxwell


Post Script: Everyone should have at least one mentor or coach. They have a bird’s eye view of the board, which makes their insights extremely potent. If they’re genuinely rooting for your success, they’ll give you the tools, insights and access you need to achieve in 1 year what most will achieve in 10. Simply run the numbers. It’s a no-brainer to have a seasoned veteran in your corner.

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