Why do most people have No Energy and how I would fix that if I were in a similar position

Most people are running on Steam. They are pushing with great effort but never seem to get on the tides of flowing through life. They don’t get what LIMITLESS LIVING is all about…

Now tell me, have you ever seen a person who just has it all going well for them? Everything seems to run smoothly when he’s around, and his life is completely ordered, yet also fun and joyful.

Yet some people are always a MESS. Nothing works for them. They always have something going against them, something not right, life is their enemy. The perpetual victim

The first is a well of energy, goodwill, and vibrant liveliness. The second is one of negativity, a victim mindset, and always looking for why he’s the sorry person. The reason is a lack of energy and focus.

The person in the first scenario has TONS of energy and he directs it to live a meaningful and beneficial life. The second person has no energy and directs the little he has left into nonsense.

I see this a lot with people arguing on Twitter or trying to attack someone cause it didn’t align with their beliefs. A person who is focused on a mission and his task isn’t bothered with other people’s events. It’s all directed at his own goals.

You must turn your attention from the OUTER to the INNER which is the only part you can control. I’ve done so myself and helped many people make that switch, from an EXTERNAL LOCUS to an INTERNAL LOCUS OF CONTROL. let’s see how to turn into that person:

Start by fixing your energy levels: – Meditate daily – Eat clean food, drop the junk – Cut down addictions, porn, news, Netflix – Clean out your environment – Make sure you get enough exercise

Focus on one goal – When you start getting together, your focus should be directed at one goal. You can’t afford to spread your focus. It’s been shattered for way too long. Choose one goal and stick to it.

How do you choose a goal? Journal and write thoughts out for a week. Set the intention to find what it is you need to focus on. Your subconscious mind will give you signals and directions. Don’t waste it. Write it down and make sense of it.

After you have a goal, cut out the drama from your life. Stop gossiping, stop talking with people who drain you, and stop listening to the news. Remove the negative vibes – you’re just being consumed without even noticing it.

Your life will become peaceful. You will have much more energy all of a sudden. This is where you keep doubling down on your mission. Avoid the demons of the past. Put all your energy and focus on the thing you care about. It’s that simple. People complicate it.

As you keep meditating, journaling, and diving deep into your mind and mental states, you’ll discover deeper truths about yourself and your life. Maybe the goal you started with doesn’t align with you anymore. Change it as needed. Don’t cling to it.

Build an identity that isn’t based on EXTERNAL ideas. Remember, you are developing an INNER LOCUS OF CONTROL. As times go by, things will happen more naturally for you. Less stress, less doubt, less negativity.

You’ll realize you’ve been chasing the wrong ideas your whole life. You’ll be 100x lighter and you may begin to embrace Limitless Living more and more. This is a key shift that means you’re on the right path.

All in all, energy and focus are your 2 greatest assets. How you spend them says a lot about you, and your inner world. once you see the connection between your inner mental states to the outer world, you’ll stop underestimating this incredible power you hold within.

Some people will look for shortcuts… Hacks, Cheat codes, Psychedelics, and so forth. The truth is, it’s all inside you. You don’t need the external to affect you, you are the one shaping it from the inside out. Your job is to keep patient and let it unfold automatically.

I teach these ideas much more in-depth in my newsletter and courses. You can start here with my free 7-day Limitless True Self Series or in the Limitless Living program if you need more personal, 1:1 help to achieve your peak performance of energy, focus, and effortless productivity.

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