Your Heart is your compass

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Hey it’s Aaron,

This new letter has been installed with powerful messages I’ve received in deep meditation and guidance. Please read and internalize, and share with whoever you find fits. Enjoy.


Yesterday I received the following message: Your heart is your compass.

I had to stop and think about it – what I found was very profound and I want to share it with you today…

Your heart is your greatest compass. It knows where to go and what to do, who to meet and who to avoid, and what is your greatest purpose on earth.

It is all written within your heart, in a language you may not know how to decipher yet.

When you realize this – your life changes – you begin to embrace the small whispers and inspirations that strike from your deepest core. It becomes easy to KNOW what to do and how to behave. You tap into your inner wisdom and start cultivating it within each and every field of your life.

Imagine that you had a voice that knew how to guide you to the right destination for you. Imagine that this voice would tell you – “You should go there”, “You should talk to that person”, “This you should avoid” and so forth.

And imagine that it was ALWAYS right. Always. Without exception – it would consistently help you choose the right things and do the right moves.

How much would you pay for such guidance? How much time, effort, and energy would you save and gain in the process? How much joy and happiness will this help you unlock?

Feeling lost in your journey

Most people walk through life feeling a bit lost. They never know exactly what they are here to do, what they are here to share, and they get lost in the crowd. They may have times of clarity and direction, but then it just fades away and disappears again.

If this is you, don’t worry. I’m certain you are ahead than most. In fact, if you’re reading this then great chances are that your awareness levels are far greater than the average person in our world.

The mere fact you’re actually READING something already says a lot about you, and I mean that in a very positive way.

It seems that our attention spans are shrinking every minute nowadays, and people are more lost than ever – but that’s a topic for another letter.

Back to feeling lost or unsure or perhaps just disoriented from time to time – I know I felt lost many times in the past. Even though today I have great clarity on my vision and direction – I know I still have times when my clarity needs fine-tuning, but I don’t worry about it anymore. In fact, I embrace it as the next step towards even greater clarity.

Let me share with you this secret no one ever told you and me, of why you need times of disruption. This secret I had to discover through trial and error, and hopefully, it will create a powerful perspective shift for you as well.

The state of our world

Firstly, let’s give a bit of background to what’s happening – as a lot has been going on in the last few weeks that may cause more and more people to feel lost, anxious, and just unsure of their path.

In this modern world, the normal job market is pretty much non-existent. It’s not the same world your parents or even the older folks here in our newsletter have been born in.

This world is rapidly evolving and changing in ways we can’t even begin to rationally wrap our minds around.

The expansion of information is the most rapid it has ever been in history – in fact we are doubling the amount of information in the world every 12 hours.

To give you some context, between Jesus Christ and Leonardo Da Vinci (Around 1700 years), the information doubled once.

Then it doubled only after 250 years…

So nowadays we are swimming in information and endless amounts of content (that is doubling every half day). We are in an age of expansion and rapid evolution. People are now realizing this, slowly, but surely.

You who are reading this letter may have felt strange the past few weeks. AI rising, many global events happening all at the same time, unstable governments in many parts of the world, and grand macro-political and economic changes all over the globe.

Why is this happening? and how is it related to your inner compass? Patience my friend… We will get to the bottom of this.

Your heart is your compass – a powerful one

Your heart is your compass

Did you know that your body has a strong magnetic field around it? Now, do you know which organ in your body creates the strongest magnetic resonance around you?

Let me help you a bit… There are 3 main organs that create this powerful field – the brain, the heart, and the gut.

Now from these 3, which one do you think has the strongest magnetic field?

Honestly, if you were to ask me in the past I’d definitely say that the brain is the winner. But lo and behold! It is actually your heart that is the strongest contestant.

To me, this was quite a surprise, when you realize how powerful the heart is, something within you shifts.

Perhaps you already knew this intuitively, but if you are a more left-brain, rational thinker, I assume it may have been a pleasant surprise.

Now, what exactly does this have to do with your day-to-day life? What does this energetic\magnetic field affect and what is its purpose?

I admit, it’s a complex topic that would take up the rest of the letter if not more to explain thoroughly. I write about it in depth within The Subconscious Architect course – and I reveal the secret power of your heart inside.​

For now, understand that your heart is more complex than you know it. It has more intelligence than what we could guess or perhaps have been “brainwashed” to think.

There’s a reason people believe their emotions come from the heart, and that people say – “go with your heart” – there’s truly a reason for that. Heart transplant patients for example may experience a radical shift of personality, and so forth.

Sidenote – Understand that most of the sayings that are very common in your society and language are there for deeper reasons than meets the eye. Your whole language has many gems as such, and therefore I urge you to develop deeper sensitivity to life and to your surroundings.

How your heart guides you

As you start realizing that your life is in fact in your control, in your hands completely, you may start feeling dazed and out of touch with all the options out there. You may find it difficult to know where you truly want to go, and what you truly want to do.

I guarantee though, that if you listen to your heart before every single decision in your life, you will already know what’s right for you. It’s incredibly accurate.

Every decision I have made, every person I’ve met, every place I went – whenever it wasn’t completely aligned with my inner feeling – it didn’t go well.

If you have to rationalize it, even just a little… it probably isn’t for you.

So why don’t people follow their hearts more?

The answer is simple. They’ve got burnt a lot of times. You see, like every new and delicate electronic device, your heart needs to be calibrated and fine-tuned to your personal reality – it has to be tested throughout life many times to understand what’s right and what’s not right for you.

Even then, it may still be wrong at times due to past experiences. This results in your mind and rational thinking disconnecting from your true nature. It creates a barrier between your mind and heart connection and you begin to operate only from the mind. Your heart is no longer calibrated to your vision and to your true purpose in life.

Your heart knows

The truth is that your blueprint is already written within your body, within your genes, and within your heart. When your heart gets disconnected from your true self, it becomes clouded and your energy field weakens.

A weak magnetic field is very similar to the magnetic field generated by fear. Since magnets are drawn to the opposite polarization as they are, a fearful person will be drawn to a fear-evoking person. You become more easily manipulated and drawn to people and events that cause you to fear.

Now, as you grow older, it becomes harder to remove the layers of protection you have developed. Since living in fear means you are more “protected” – your whole operating system is in fact rewired, and you are programmed to operate with a vibration that is fragile and weak.

Instead of embracing the ups and downs of life and living them to the fullest, you shrink into a position that allows you to go beneath the waves, just to avoid everything. This is a devastating way to live life.

When you realize that feeling slightly lost or even severely lost is the catalyst to feeling clarity, you stop hiding – and start embracing. You begin to truly understand the meaning of Your Heart is your compass as a way to navigate through life.

There are times of expansion and times of contraction. When you are living from fear, you will only experience contraction, because you shrink yourself.

This is the reason you must reconnect to your heart and bring its power of it from within.

Feeling disoriented within the current events

The world is rapidly changing in front of our eyes, and there are many global events that are more and more confusing and disorienting.

In the last week as I’ve been speaking with many of my friends and acquaintances – they have all experienced these powerful energy shifts and tides in the air.

Sensing the changes around us is part of becoming more tuned to your inner palace, as you do so, the world and universe reveal more of their secrets to you, and you become like a radio station that can broadcast and receive messages through the magnetic resonance of your field.

Now, the thing about all these changes is they are a sign of change and new growth. I believe they are happening for the better and greatest good of all of us.

We may not understand how exactly yet, but there is no reason to panic or fear change.

The world and our society are constantly evolving and changing. If not, we would still be living in caves. Your ability to stay strong in any event and any circumstance is the only thing that truly matters.

You must keep a clear head and a clean heart for the coming months and years. Even if nothing happens, you will reap the greatest rewards by making amends with yourself and staying a beacon of light in the different times that may be coming.

There is no denying that there are major shifts in energy in the world right now – I believe it is a good thing.

I believe people are tired of the current way things are going – on many different aspects – education, jobs, food, global warming, monetary systems, and civil rights. It’s all part of the equation.

Now, I know I don’t normally talk about these global events, politics, or economics, but there are changes and shifts that are too important for you to miss out on.

The energy is very palpable. It is increasing and bubbling under the surface.

I want you to truly tap into the inner frequency of your heart and let it guide you. This doesn’t mean you need to do irrational things. This doesn’t mean you listen to every little quirky idea that comes to the surface. It means you learn to discern between your inner intuition to passing ideas that are worthless. This means you learn to create a peaceful space for yourself that you can tap into at will.

It means you develop a measure of balance, a measure of rational and logical thinking, a measure of criticism alongside heightened intuition, a stronger emotional connection to life, and a better understanding of your true role and purpose.

You are uniquely situated in one of the most interesting and incredible times in our history. You are here for a reason and a purpose.

It may feel scary and big at times, but you must choose to be brave and courageous. There are people that are waiting for you to show up and become who you were meant to be.

Listen to your heart’s message and broadcasts, and follow without fear. It is your time to develop this and this is the message you may have been waiting for. If you are looking for further guidance to tap into the power within – join The Subconscious Architect and unlock a life of greater abundance, prosperity, health, and flow.​

Inside you’ll discover many secrets of the mind, heart, and soul and how you can rely on your deep ancient wisdom to guide yourself in the modern world.


Aaron | Limitless Reader

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