Your Self Talk Matters

Your self-talk will either make or break you.

Have you ever caught yourself talking down on yourself?

Maybe you’ve used terms as:

“I’m not good enough”

“I’ll never find a way to succeed”

“Life is so hard”

“The world is unfair”

“I always have bad luck”

and so forth…

These are all symptoms of negative self-talk.

When you allow negative self-talk to pollute your mind, you’re basically allowing negative energy to pull you down, and this manifests as lack of success, lack of abundance, halted growth, and a very negative mindset.

This drags you down in life and opens a door for negative people and entities to rule your life.

The fortress of your mind must always be guarded with words of courage.

Words of love, upliftment, and empowerment.

Instead of “Life is hard”, “I’m so tired”, “I hate this” ->

Start saying “My life is getting better and better every single day”

“I’m always striving to do more and share my gifts”

“I will rise above the negativity”

“I got this. I can do this.”

These are just a few examples. Try them out, see how you immediately feel 10x better.

The thing is that we have a stronger natural bias towards negativity.

Our minds need constant rewiring to remember to focus on the positivity.

It will not happen in a day or in a week, and even masters of the mind are not immune to negativity.

This is why it’s recommended you also use Affirmation tracks built exactly for that – to constantly remind your brain and mind to practice self-talk.

A great affirmation track can create an immense change in your positivity, outlook of life, and new energy of success coming into your life

For this reason, I’ve made “The Personal Compass” 432hz affirmations track.

It’s a powerful and potent track that you can listen to 1-2x a day for brilliant effects – greater abundance and prosperity, improved mood, enhanced creativity, enhanced focus and clarity on your life’s task.

You can get it here for only $17 USD -> Click Here

Important: This track comes as a bonus with The Subconscious Architect Course (TSA students, please do not purchase this track!)

Here are some common questions I have been asked:

Q: How many times should I listen to it every day?

A: 1-2x a day is extremely potent. You’ll notice an immense shift in the way you think, act, speak, and carry yourself. If you also practice bringing this positive momentum into your craft, you’ll become unstoppable.

Q: Can I listen to it while in the gym, washing dishes, working, etc?

A: Absolutely, it is even recommended. The affirmations even go deeper into your subconscious mind while doing so – as you are concentrated on something else. I do not recommend listening while driving or operating heavy machinery if this causes you to lose focus.

Q: Why shouldn’t I just get an Affirmation track FREE from YouTube?

A: Some affirmation tracks on YouTube aren’t monitored. They may contain negative wording that prove harmful for your subconscious mind. They may not have the right tone and words that go straight to the subconscious. They might even contain subliminal messages that are extremely harmful. For that reason I created the Personal compass which I’ve meditated on the phrases inside, and have all came out as high-vibration + the best for this track.

Q: How can I trust you that there aren’t subliminal messaging in your track?

A: I am committed to you and to my craft, and I would never betray the power I have or the trust you put in my work. If you feel even the slightest reluctance, or don’t trust my work – please do not purchase it. I am not saying this from a negative place, but from a place of understanding and care.

Q: What if I don’t like the track? What if it doesn’t resonate with me at all?

A: I have complete confidence in the power of the track, and if you try it for 30 days yet you don’t like the content inside or if it doesn’t deeply resonate with you and inspire you, send me an email within 30 days explaining why and I’ll refund you.


Aaron | Limitless Master

P.S – If you have any questions about the track shoot them right back to this email!

Also, if you have any other product\course\something else you would like to see from me, let me know as well.

God Bless.

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