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Welcome to
Reality Masters

Join our growing enlightened society pioneering the fields of consciousness, reality creation, and energy.

Reality Masters members are ascending to new heights in consciousness, business, relationships, and health. We raise the universal consciousness by becoming the Limitless version of ourselves.

Who is Reality Masters for?

Creators, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, and Business people

Elevate your business, creation, and performance in our Mastermind group of success-driven individuals committed to excellence. 

Access energy and reality creation tools to boost your creativity, flow, and communication, marketing, and sales skills.

Spiritual Seekers and Students of the universe

For those seeking higher consciousness, Connection to Source, and developing powerful gifts such as rapid manifestation, healing, channeling, and energy mastery. 

Discover wonderous secrets of the universe, Rare Kabbalist Wisdom and Reality Creation techniques to bend reality to your will.

Consciousness Explorers and Wellness Enthusiasts

Anyone looking to raise their consciousness & energy levels naturally, to improve their health, prosperity, and well being.  

With holistic health solutions, philosophy, and ways of being to Become Limitless.

What our members say:

What you get when joining:

1. The Reality Masters Archives

A growing array of resources available inside the group - articles, video sessions recordings, guides, hidden knowledge, and PDFs for reality creation energy mastery, consciousness development, and Secret Kabbalist Wisdom.

2. Bi-Monthly Video Sessions

Live video sessions diving deep into reality creation & consciousness development methods, tools, and practices. With live discussions, questions, and interactions with group members + Recording of the calls.

3. The Live Mastermind

The place where RM Members connect and build together to new heights. A live group chat on Telegram, with the shared stream of consciousness of all members, for support, questions, encouragement, and lively discussions.

Bonus: Personalized Affirmation Track

A custom-made affirmation track, to amplify your personal objectives. This will enhance your performance exponentially by recording your goals in your subconscious mind.
Special April Bonus

Bonus: Discounts and Early Access to Limitless Master releases

Enjoy early access and discounts to Limitless Master offerings - whether new courses, books, and products.

Join Reality Masters


Monthly Membership
$ 35 per month
  • All of Reality Masters Resources
  • Access to Reality Masters Telegram Group
  • Live Video Calls + Past Recordings
  • Discounts and early access to LM offers
  • Limited Time Bonus: Personalized Affirmation Track​


Yearly Membership
$ 25 per month
/billed annually
  • All of Reality Masters Resources
  • Access to Reality Masters Telegram Group
  • Live Video Calls + Past Recordings
  • Discounts and early access to LM offers​
  • Limited Time Bonus: Personalized Affirmation Track
Save 30%

Our Community

Reality Masters is a group based on the values of community, sharing, growth, and mutual success. The Mastermind created inside with a group of driven individuals commited to excellence is impeccable. The energy is strong, the frequency is high, and everyone is extremely supportive, friendly, and driven to win the day.

More of what's Inside:

Hidden Secret Knowledge

Unlock the secrets of Kabbalist wisdom, rare knowledge that will give you an impeccable edge – whether in your business, wellness, relationship, or communication – the Kabbalist secrets and insights will transform the way you view life.

Live Video Sessions

Enjoy in depth Live discussions on Reality Creation, Consciousness, Energy mastery, and kabbalist wisdom – with practical advice and tools to IMPLEMENT the knowledge in your life. With recordings of all sessions including access to past recordings so you can watch whenever you want.

Short sample from “Visualization Mastery” Session

Short sample from “Visualization Mastery” Session

Open your 3rd Eye Course

An effective course that will provide you with essential practices, tools, and perspectives to open your 3rd eye, decalcify your pineal gland, and see the world from a new, higher dimension.

Energy Mastery

Inside Reality Masters you’ll learn how to master your own energy, gain heightened awareness of energy fields, and manipulate/bend energy to your will. This will allow for rapid manifestation, using energy healing, and communication/channeling with the Source code of reality.

Network and Connections

Connect with professionals and driven individuals from all walks of life. Inside our group you’ll find coaches, creators, Spiritual seekers, business men, entrepreneurs, creatives, shamans, traders, chefs, musicians, teachers – all devoted to the path of excellence, success, higher consciousness, and realization of their Limitless Self. 

We aim to keep a strong frequency, energy, and connection together and help each other grow to new heights of success, each on his or her individual mission and collectively.

Higher Realms Of Consciousness as a way of being

Reality Masters members aim to make reality creation, higher consciousness, and higher energy living a way of being. We seek to apply the tools and ideas into reality – in our businesses, wealth, connections, relationships, health, and communication. 

Sales, Marketing, and Communication from the energy levels

The basis of all business is communication. Effective communication is essentially an effective exchange of energy. When you learn to master your energy & vibration your communications will drastically improve. Inside Reality Masters you’ll discover how to apply this skill to your business, marketing, and sales. This also works with personal relationships and dating as well.


Not at the moment. We are seeking committed founding members at this stage – therefore there is only a 1 year commitment available as for now. 

Founding members are rewarded with highly valuable bonuses, gifts, and personal premium treatment – far exceeding the investment in membership.

Definitely. Aaron, Limitless Master, is active in the group every day, sharing new insights, knowledge, and wisdom with all members and participating in the discussions – and also discussing what isn’t possible to talk about on social media. You’ll be able to interact every day and grow together. 

By individually and collectively working on our spiritual growth and expanding our consciousness, we contribute to a positive shift in the universal frequency and light. Our practices, teachings, and the transformative experiences of our members help raise awareness and promote a higher state of consciousness within the community and beyond.

Anyone with a genuine interest in consciousness expansion, reality creation, and energy work is welcome to join. We value open-mindedness, dedication to growth & excellence, and a commitment to contributing positively to the collective ascension of our members. 

Still have questions? Reach out via Telegram or Twitter and we’ll get you all set. 

Reality Masters is dedicated to provide the best educational resources and knowledge while fostering a strong, mutually beneficial network and community for all members in the group. It is important to note that Reality Masters doesn’t guarantee results or a specific outcome. 

The knowledge and wisdom has been applied to hundreds of students and changed many lives and you will need to apply the tools, perspectives, and practices to see their full power and effect. 

This is an exclusive network, a mastermind, with access to an immense, growing body of rare knowledge, wisdom, and practices. It is with high likelihood that you will achieve heightened awareness, energy, and success as a result of your participation in the group just like all members who have joined us so far and greatly benefiting from the experience. We aim to deliver 10x the value of your investment. We seek excellence and a premium experience.

The shared frequency in the group is powerful and energizing – which will allow you to experience more growth and higher states of consciousness by osmosis. If you have found this page, it is likely you are resonating on the frequency of our community. We are focused completely on the inner experience and the Limitless, multidimensional self – to experience the true LIMITLESS essence and version of our being. 

We conduct respectful discussions to all members. We seek harmony and co-operation. We do not discuss mind altering drugs, psychedelics, illegal activities or the like.  Additionally, the group does not replace therapy or traditional medical advice. Join us only if this resonates.