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Meditation is not a state of 0 or 1

The more you meditate the more you’ll reach a point where the barrier between meditation and “non-meditation” becomes thinner

Meditation is a state that exists on a spectrum – that corresponds to the frequencies your mind/brain emits

The more you’re able to maintain a heightened state of awareness the higher the frequency of the mind oscillates

You begin to exist on a range of experience that the average person does not have access to

So by making meditation the foundation of your life

You create a new layer of experience through which you have more:

  • awareness
  • sensitivity
  • focus
  • ability to gather data
  • intuition
  • perception
  • energy
  • vitality
  • power
  • Light

And through practicing for long enough – you no longer live in the simulation most humans are caught up in

You transcend the boundaries of the conventional mind and create a new dimension of existence

You become enlightened to the truths and secrets of the universe

and everything becomes a mystical experience – your very being is transformed

So you can still live a blissful life and be a part of the game – but from a rather observant position and uninvolved with the daily motions and drama

You can slip in and out of meditation at will, shifting states as you go by the day

Similar to the Avatar learning how to master the avatar state – you can learn to activate your inner essence/soul at will until you are one with that power.

Meditate more

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