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The Subconscious Architect


Why do you behave the way you do? Why do you keep getting the same results again and again? The Subconscious Architect helps you explore the automatic patterns of being yourself. It allows you to identify and replace your negative subconscious patterns with beneficial versions. This course shines a light on the autopilot nature of your subconscious mind, helping you create new patterns that align with your goals. By becoming The Architect of your mind, you will CONSCIOUSLY CREATE programs that lead to thoughts, actions, and behaviors aligned with your ideal self, automatically attracting greater success. If you care about consciously creating your reality and manifesting your desires, visions, and dreams, this course is for you.

Reviews of The Subconscious Architect

The Subconscious Architect is A Work of Art

“The Subconscious Architect is a work of art, literally and visually, and I have never seen any content like it before,  putting into place what the masters of the past have told us into a workable program where you can check in and track your progress is very important. I am taking it step by step and only 50% of the way though but I can see big changes to my life already.  I would say to anyone who is skeptical of some of the work in there just do it anyway without judgement and see what happens, thanks for the hard work.”


I'm Feeling the Power of this Course


Go From Survival mode to Creation Mode

“You really created a masterpiece with the subconscious architect.

Your knowledge about the subconscious is so profound and the clear and structured instructions make the complex topics simple and easy to understand.

This is a must have for everyone who wants to break limiting beliefs and wants to go from survival mode to creation mode.”


What's Inside

The Subconscious Architect Course

The course arrives with more than 100 practical lessons, tools, practices and techniques – you can approach it from any level, as a beginner or advanced, and gain new tools and perspectives to reprogram your subconscious mind and create a higher vibrational reality for yourself and loved ones.

The Subconscious Architect Workbook

Gain access to The Subconscious Architect Workbook that includes all the exercises and practices from the course. Follow the workbook to apply the tools and ingrain them in your life to enjoy the changes and growth you create.

The Subconscious Architect Dashboard

With the course you receive a powerful dashboard that allows you to plan, track, and build your vision & manifestations. It allows you to easily keep growing and pushing your limits to the next level while creating and manifesting more success.

Bonus #1: The Clarity Protocol

A unique workbook that will allow you to gain immediate clarity whenever you need it, on any device.

Bonus #2: The Personal Compass 432 Hz affirmation track

An affirmation track to reprogram your subconscious mind, anytime or place, with unique affirmations to shift into a new reality.

Bonus #3: The Auto Suggestion Creator

Learn how to create your own unique, powerful auto-suggestions for your personal goals and vision.

Enjoy a course full of insight, magic, and wonder – with unique perspectives and insights – to increase your consciousness and energy levels and improve your Conscious Creation & Manifestation abilities.

Excerpts From The Course

From Lesson #18: Identifying & Destroying limiting beliefs

“In this lesson, I will cover how you can identify and destroy your limiting beliefs, with a streamlined, easy, and powerful process. 

A limiting belief is a belief that is ingrained in your subconscious mind about certain things that you can’t do or are unable to accomplish. 

It is therefore a Disempowering force in your life. 

As we work with understanding and observing the thoughts in our subconscious mind, we’ll be able to identify the beliefs more easily over time and document them as they come along. Most of the time, the limiting beliefs we experience are operating without our awareness or attention, as we said, most of our operations are subconscious. 

This is why it is crucial for us to develop our conscious mind’s awareness to spot and identify our feelings and sensations in real time. It will help us work with our subconscious mind immensely to re-wire these beliefs and install empowering ones instead.

Our Beliefs are elements that determine what is being expressed via our subconscious mind.

Remember, our inner world creates our outer world, but they are both affecting each other.

For the definition: Empowerment: The process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights. Disempowerment: To deprive of power, authority, or influence: make weak, ineffectual, or unimportant

These are the main tools that I use to help me work with my subconscious mind: …

From Lesson #57: Visualization and intention declaration

“One of the most powerful ways to align your vibration with the objects of your desire is through visualization.

When you visualize an experience you wish to have you can induce the FEELING of the experience as if it already happened within your mind.

Just like imagining the taste of chocolate – you can already FEEL how it will be like to eat and taste it.

The visualization process creates a strong feeling of the event itself, before you experience it in 3d reality.

Let’s say you wish to go to a vacation on a beautiful beach on an exotic island or to find your dream home. Once you visualize yourself on that island you will create an imprint of energy that matches the vibration of the experience.

When you install that vision in your mind through repeated visualization, you will notice that events will happen synchronistically to help bring you to the desired experience.

They will happen at the right time and rate they should be happening – and things will organize and arrange themselves to make it happen.

Reality will work itself out for you on the way to materializing the goals you visualize and imprint with the FEELING you wish to have.

This is called a bridge of events. Once the vision has been implemented in your subconscious mind, the wonderful bridge of events will surprise you. Even if now it seems improbable or unrealistic. You must belive in your Limitless True Self as a multidimensional being that is able to create great changes in reality through your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. All you have to do is…”

From Lesson #12: Calibrating Your Subconscious mind to Your Vision

“One of the key processes we will work on during this section is calibrating our Subconscious Mind with our vision and goals.

As you know, the conscious mind communicates to the outside world and to the subconscious mind through behavior, capabilities, and your environment.

As you raise your awareness with the materials and exercises of the course, your discernment abilities will increase.

Your ability to detect nuance will vastly improve and become enhanced. Your sensitivity to your environment and your inner world will grow. This will be both for the positive or negative situations\experience in your environment, and in any situation, you’ll encounter. With the tools and materials in this section, you’ll be able to recalibrate the meaning of those situations and make sure they empower you on your way to realizing your vision.

With practice, you may notice certain people, music, information, situations, and so forth may program your subconscious mind in beneficial or harmful ways. It is crucial you learn to discern – and with practice, this will get easier.

At a certain point you may lose the desire to consume certain ideas, content, or information, and maybe lose interest in meeting and conducting yourself with certain people…”

From Lesson #14: The Subconscious Mind as a receiver and transmitter

“We consciously impress upon the subconscious mind what we want to be.

The more we reflect upon our subconscious mind, the more we get aware of it and possibly change it.

It’s our responsibility to defend our subconscious mind with the conscious mind.

The information we consume is crucial to our development and impression of the s.mind

As we listen and get new information, we allow it to impress our s.mind, but we also have the ability not to believe and question it in an aware way.

Whatever your conscious mind assumes/believes to be true, your subconscious will accept as truth. The subconscious mind is a reservoir of feelings, thoughts, urges, and memories that are outside of our conscious awareness. It influences our behavior and experience, even though we may be unaware of these underlying influences. This includes repressed feelings, hidden memories, habits, thoughts, desires, and reactions.

In this course, we want to bring forth the beliefs and ideas we want to impress on our subconscious mind so that those are allowed to pass, and also observe if we allow information that is impressed upon us and is not in harmony with who we are…”

Easy Access

All Lessons arrive both in text + Audio MP3 Format so you can learn the course from anywhere you want – even while in the gym, driving, taking a walk or even washing the dishes. The Course is accessible from any device and you can download the MP3 Lessons to your device as well.

Contents of The Course:

Phase 1: Creating The Vision

– Building Your Vision & Dream Life
– Identify your why and your Purpose
– Assess your strengths, accomplishments, and weaknesses
– Your unique stack of talents, gifts, and skills
– Your Values
– The Vision: Your dream life envisioned
– Strengthening & Cementing the Vision
– The Mission
– The Goals and Metrics
– Building the Plan, Systems & Blueprint for success
– Wrapping everything together – Document Your 2.0 self- purpose, vision, goals (business/professional + life related)

Phase 2: Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

– Calibrating Your Subconscious mind to Your Vision
– Everything for the better
– The Subconscious Mind as a receiver and transmitter
– Using our natural ANTI-VIRUS System
– The Subconscious Inception system of an Idea
– The Logical Levels we will work with
– Identifying & Destroying limiting beliefs -> Vision & Identity logical levels
– Increasing Your Awareness
– Increasing Your Focus and Power of Will
– The Transference of The Mental State
– The Symbolism of Your Subconscious Mind
– Eliminating past conditioning and bad habits -> Behaviors logical level
– Eliminate negative emotions, thoughts, negative self-talk, and harmful thoughts -> Values & Beliefs logical level
– From self-doubt to self-belief -> Values & Beliefs logical level
– Developing a relationship with your environment -> Environment Logical Level
– Gratitude Chamber
– Wins Notebook
– How to stop procrastinating on your goals -> Vision & Capabilities logical level
– Brain Wave types
– The Reprogramming Process – Practical Tools
– Tool #1: Reactivity vs Responsivity in relation to Supportive Self-Talk and inner dialogue
– Tool #2: Your personal Affirmations and mantras
– Tool #3 – Environmental Programming -> Environment logical level
– Tool #4: Revision – rewrite your personal story
– Tool #5: Dive into meditation, awareness, and filters
– Tool #6: The Ho’oponopono Technique

Phase 3: Reality Creation as a way of life

– Introduction to Reality Creation as a way of life
– Daily System Outline
– The vibrational spiral and an energetic practice
– Intention Setting
– Intuition Masterclass Part 1
– Intuition Masterclass: How To Use Intuition To Navigate Life part 2
– Personal Magnetism discovered
– How To Unlock Effortless Personal Magnetism
– Creating Your Own Vibe(ration)
– The power of your heart – the secret to becoming a magnetic person
– The Power of Imagination
– Access The Flow State At Your Own Command
– The Autotelic Experience – State of natural being – of our natural way of being
– Avoiding “Pendulums”
– Replacing discipline with alignment
– The Secret of Manifestation
– The “Mechanism” of Manifestation
– Visualization and intention declaration
– Deep Breathing
– The Benefits of Journaling + A Journaling System
– 15x affirmations
– The Power of The Spoken Word

Supplementary and Expanding topics

– Qabala Magic
– The 12 Jung’s Archetypes
– Consciousness Levels
– The 7 Hermetic Principles
– Chakra Healing: Guest Lesson by @mindfightzen
– Music Healing -> Programming your mind with music
– Call with yourself
– Idea generation masterclass -> Using the power of your subconscious mind
– Honing Your Craft – Mastery as a way of life
– 13 powerful practices endorsed by the greatest masters of all time
– The Power Frequency Radio Meditation