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The Self Assessment Protocol


Do you feel like you don’t really know yourself?

Like you don’t know who you truly are and what you’re here to do?

I get it. I was confused about this for a long time.

I read many books that kind of helped – but for me – I needed something practical.

Deep questions, tools, and exercises that will finally show me: “Who Am I?”

This is why i created this self assessment program, where you get the chance to truly understand yourself, who you are, what you’re here to do, and what is your great purpose in life.

This program will be a deep self analysis into your true self

I believe that all of us have a magnificent, powerful purpose to fulfill in life.

When we realize what it is, we begin a new life – where we are fully committed to bring our gifts, talents, and uniqueness as a gift to our family, friends, and the world.

This program is going to help you understand and find your unique purpose and allow you to finally go all in in that direction and build your life to new heights.

With 100’s of students who used this tool successfully – i am sure you will find it useful for your journey as well.

Immerse yourself within the program and you’ll come out with great clarity on your true purpose, true self, and path in life.



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What you get

πŸ“ 1 x Instructions file

πŸ“• 1 x Textbook PDF – 51+ pages of mind-shifting knowledge to walk you through the program

πŸ—ΊοΈ 1 x Notion Blueprint – 11 interactive sections – to create your personal transformation with step-by-step guidance

🧭 1 x Central Command Dashboard – Β a supercharged planner and project manager. Create a consistent action plan to track your days, months, years, and vision-based goals on your way to success.