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What are Trapped Emotions

Many people are unaware of the phenomenon of trapped emotions which can be one of the major energy blockages holding you back.

Trapped emotions can be holding you back from higher emotions as peace, bliss, love, joy, happiness, abundance, and higher consciousness states.

Release Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions are a type of memories stored in your cells, body, and mind – they are emotions of memories that were usually associated with a negative experience.

Emotions such as: Shame, guilt, apathy, frustration, strong embarrassment, sadness, pain, anger, weakness, fear, worry.

These emotions represent the lower end of the emotional spectrum, in terms of levels of consciousness and expansiveness.

They have less empowering energy and they tend to compress the energy of the person rather than expand it.

Trapped emotions can be somewhat tricky to unleash immediately and all of a sudden.

There is a system to do this gradually and over time, accepting core negative or traumatic memories and experiences – and finally letting them go. We will discuss this later in this article.

What most people usually do when a trapped emotion or energy comes up in their body or mind through a negative/embarrassing/lower vibration memory – is to quickly try and forget about this memory.

This is called suppressing the memory, energy, and emotion – and keeps the emotion trapped.

This isn’t the best solution for this because it simply keeps the energy of the emotion trapped.

You probably already heard that Emotion = E-Motion – Energy in Motion. That’s absolutely true.

Emotions flow through us, they are not meant to be fought or resisted.

Every emotion runs progressively with a certain start, middle, and end. The middle is the most intense and therefore feels like a rollercoaster that you want to avoid.

The truth is that experiencing the emotion fully, as it want to be felt, will let it go the fastest. Faster than you even realize.

Let’s say there’s a wave of sadness and worry coming into your life, that’s completely fine and normal.

Instead of resisting it allow the wave to move through you. Accept it and surrender to it completely, and the wave will pass as if it never been there.

Sometimes – we cannot experience the full spectrum of the emotion from it’s high to low at that moment, and that is fine.

We can hold that to a later date. We can meditate on the emotion or feeling if needed whenever we want.

Sometimes we are feeling angry, fearful, or worried without even knowing why it is happening. That’s when you want to look into your day and think what makes you stay worried – this is your mind making a mental note because it doesn’t want to forget.

A lot of times these are little things that won’t mean anything in the short or long term, and can be discarded at the spot.

Sometimes they will demand the Energy Transmutation technique that I will teach you at the end of this article.

Now when you have other instances where old memories or emotions show up suddenly in your psyche or awareness – I want you to start reframing it positively.

I want you to realize that you have encountered trapped energy in your body, I like to call that Energy Treasures or Energy pockets.

This is because once you find that energy within your body it’s like a treasure of lost energy you can claim back.

You are finally releasing all attachments to this phenomenon and bringing your energy back into the present. You are harnessing the energy from the emotions trapped in the body.

All of your energy exists as awareness and presence. When all of your presence and awareness are fully in the present moment, you have ALL of your power in your life back.

This is a wonderful mental shift that will allow you to claim back a lot of your trapped emotions into energy in the present moment.

As you set the intention to release ALL trapped emotions from the body, your body and mind will work together and start bringing up all sorts of memories and experiences from the past, with emotions from all of the emotional spectrum.

This time you will be prepared with the full method of transmuting these emotions to pure energy, pure golden energy and power.

The full method to transmute trapped emotions into energy:

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This is There one of my and my students favorite exercises to release trapped emotions and elevate your energy levels.

This process is magical, beautiful, and will fill you with energy. This is to be repeated for as long as needed, for as many emotions that come up or energy that bothers you.

This exercise is one of the most powerful to letting go and releasing emotional blockages, and increasing your overall energy levels and power.

Over time, there will be less and less emotions to work through, and you will feel lighter, stronger, and more powerful than ever.

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Aaron | Limitless Master

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