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Reaching The Core Self

Underneath all the layers you have accumulated during your living in this world is the core of your true self, a place where you are fully complete.

The CORE SELF is another perspective into the Limitless Self, one can say they are one and the same.

The name Core Self is to define your core, that is beyond the layers and filters you adopted/created from society & conditioning over the years. In that deepest layer, you get to experience a complete release and catharsis from the beliefs and ideas the world has instilled within you.

You reach the true self, and let go of all the clutter, negativity, limiting beliefs, and ideas that limit you in life. This is a process of reaching and connecting with your Core Self that is already within you.

I wanted to reach the CORE SELF

The Core Self

On my path to reach a more Limitless State beyond limitations and limiting perceptions of self, I reached a point where I felt as if I have to go back to ground zero.

Beyond routines, beyond rituals, beyond affirmations, beyond meditation, inner work, journaling, exercise, nature or anything else.

I wanted to reach the purest, deepest, natural – LIMITLESS STATE

A state where I do not know anything and I do not believe anything – not about myself or the world – a state of pure BEING. To reach my CORE SELF. To the STATE OF I AM.

This core is the place of you that is fully embodied, clear, understood, happy, and full of life. When in the core, there is no other layer that filters your experience on top of it.

After all the layers have been unpeeled there lies the core self – a powerful ball of energy that is always on and thriving, supporting all life.

What separates us from the CORE SELF?

The only thing separating you from the experience of the Core Self, the Limitless Self, is the belief you are not whole as you are.

The experience of separation and lack is the main driving force in your life.

Most of the actions you take are to fill this lack, this sense of disconnection and pain.

When you are connected to this core intimately and live from it, from the soul and the state of the Limitless Self – you don’t need anything else.

Everything outside of you becomes an enhancement but not a need or strong desire.

There is contentment in your own energy and vibe. It is a powerful feeling and state to embody.

Yet as with anything in the realm of this world, we tend to forget our true nature and fall into the illusion that we are powerless or weak. We fall into the illusion that something external will fill us while in reality we are entirely complete as we are.

Our own sense of self is everlasting, timeless, limitless – it never changes. It is our own mind, thoughts, and emotions that trick us to believe there is lack, that there is something we truly need.

Apart from some food, water, and perhaps shelter, there’s nothing you need. The only need is to sustain life and even that on the highest level of consciousness is questioned. There is no need to sustain life – it is simply a want, a favorable option. On the grand scheme of things, there is no need for anything. It is simply phenomenon that arises and there is nothing that is more favorable than the other.

Of course in the more human perception and way of seeing things, we prefer to keep living and experiencing our journey. That’s what we’re here for at the end of the day – so inherently we do want to have this experience.

Yet by understanding and integrating this realization we discussed here you release a lot of the attachment and pains that create suffering in your life.

Practice – Reaching the Core Self

I want to share with you a powerful exercise that will help you reach the Core Self – the Limitless Self within that is already thriving, happy, abundant, healthy and peaceful – and will ALWAYS be. There may be many more ways to reach this Core Self – this is one of the most effective practices i’ve created for myself, and believe you can find useful for yourself as well.

This exercise is advanced, radical, and may prove challenging. It is a high level of consciousness exercise that can prove uneasy, and shattering the sense of self you believe you had.

I recommend going into this exercise only if you are fully aware of the impacts it may lead to – such as ego death, lack of orientation, distress, feeling of losing your “self”, your “mind”, and your beliefs about reality.

If you have doubts, you can contact me for advice if this exercise will be useful for you at the moment or in a later time perhaps.

Remember, each of us is walking a different journey with different purposes – so some exercises and models of being won’t necessarily be useful. Use your intuition to discern.

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After The Core Self

After completing this practice and reaching the inner depths of your SELF – you may experience a sensation of: “What now?”

There may be some shock or lack of motivation to do anything specific for the time being. Let it be.

There may also be new desires to do different things. To expand your Self more and do things differently.

From now on – do only those things you FEEL like align with the CORE SELF – with who you are and what you want to be.

By doing this that way – you will experience a sense of elevation and greater energy than ever before, the reality and life you envision manifesting faster than ever – as there is much less friction, resistance, and un-needed desires that are not yours bubbling within you.

Thank you for reading this article. If you enjoyed the content and want more exercises and practices to expand your consciousness, experience higher energy levels, and accelerate reality creation – consider joining our private group Reality Masters where we discuss these ideas in depth and I share many more in depth guides, video sessions, and articles on energy & consciousness.


Aaron | Limitless Master

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