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The Vision Manifest Itself

When the vision is clear, it begins manifesting itself. There is nothing that needs to be done other than aligning with the vision. When you are one with a higher vision you become the vision, you embody it. You have a purpose from a higher realm. It is not an earthly aspiration, it is a divine mission. The mission writes itself. It’s already written within you. It’s not a matter of coming up with a mission it’s a matter of discovering the one you have come here with. You are born with a huge task upon your shoulders and most do not live up to their true potential. If you saw who you could really be you would fall down on your knees and cry. Every day you are not moving closer towards that person, towards that vision, towards that ideal – you are doing a disservice to the whole of humanity. Imagine how the world would look like with more driven, excellent, God loving man and woman pursuing their greatest vision. Becoming the greatest version of themselves. Making the world a better place for real – not some cliche. Not inventing brain chips and calling themselves pioneers. People who create ideas and structures that benefit civilization as a whole. Even if it cuts up profits. The people we need in the future are bulletproof to greed, lust, or evil – they are a generation of leaders who are committed to only one rule system – the natural laws of the universe. If we can distill it to one law – it is essentially do unto others what you would do unto yourself. This is the golden rule and once society lives upon this law, we will be free people, we will be an enlightened society and civilization. There is a world of beautiful light, creativity, art, and wisdom that is waiting for us to actualize into reality, a beautiful world beyond limits – it is in our hands to make this happen.

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