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Surfing on Vibes

Everything you feel and experience is a certain frequency, a vibe in reality.

When you find a “good” vibe that you enjoy – you can keep surfing on that vibe as long as possible.

Fuel that energy from moment to moment.

If you had a good interaction with one person, you can move that energy to the next person – by staying in that same positive vibe and radiating this energy.

Once you’re able to maintain that vibe from one person to another, from one interaction to another, from one experience to the next – you begin surfing on vibes.

It’s easier than you think.

All you have to do is stay on the positive momentum and good feeling you created. A small thought that you hold on to that gave you energy? Ride that thought, expand it, connect it to another thought.

Move it into your action, into your business, into a conversation or go hit the gym with that vibe.

keep the good vibes going as much as you can. This is the meaning of surfing vibes. You have to get into the first wave and surf from there, on a golden thread from moment to moment.

Your whole being and experience relies on the ability to turn each moment to a good and fun moment.

It’s simple as that.

You find a good point of energy? You ride it and focus on that sensation, then you transmute it to the next moment and the next one. You encapsulate that vibe and tap into it at will.

This can be done with a song, a playlist, a memory, a thought, an idea, a cool image that inspires you – and you ride it as much as possible.

That’s why you always have to keep curating new vibes, your soul loves variety.

Eventually that energy, that vibe, will lose it’s edge, and you’ll be left with the feeling of oldness.

That’s totally normal. You need a new edge to lean on, a new vibe, a new energy, when you find it, ride it again.

That’s the way of the reality surfer.

Moving from one wave to the next without drowning in the negativity, doubt, or fear that may come from peak to peak.

Keep surfing the vibes to eternity. #FlowStateLiving

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